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Dla studentów : Office EN
Centrum Informatyczne - Dla studentów


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Dear Students,  
Warsaw School of Economics is providing Microsoft Office to every student free of charge. This means the latest version of the full Office productivity suite, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and more available for offline and online use to best prepare you for class. As long as you’re a student here and the program continues, you’ll be able to use this software for free.   
  • Install on up to 5 compatible PCs and Macs, plus 5 tablets (including iPad!), plus 5 smartphones 
  • Use with OneDrive for automatic device syncing 
  • Gain valuable skills on the world’s most popular productivity software 
  • Use the same programs as your professors to ensure full file fidelity


Every 30 days Microsoft Office applications will verify whether you are entitled to free use of the package. If your computer (or other device with installed Ms Office) will not be connected to the Internet, it will remind you about it in a message. No Internet connection or no permission (e.g. due to blocked account in Warsaw School of Economics) will change applications to limited mode. You will have to renew your subscription. Then connect to the Internet and confirm your username and password to regain full functionality of the package. 


      1. For PC and Mac: 
    • ​​​​​​​​​​Visit: link 
    • Click through to sign in with school-provided credentials & download
    • On the installation page select your language and click install
If you have any problems, check out this INSTRUCTION​

        2.  For iOS and Android: 
             a. Download from your app store 
             b. ​Sign in with your school credentials for full editing capability. 

You will need your student email address (username@student.sgh.waw.pl or username@doktorant.sgh.waw.pl) to sign in. If you have trouble installing Office, this guide may resolve your issue: link​

 log in

​HERE​ you can log in to get your free Microsoft Office! 
Username and password
are the same as in you​r student email account. 
Don't forget to write FULL student email address as your username, which is username@student.sgh.waw.pl​ ​or username@doktorant.sgh.waw.pl

 ms office components

Microsoft Office includes:
  • Word (Windows, MacOS)
  • Excel (Windows, MacOS)
  • PowerPoint (Windows, MacOS)
  • OneNote (Windows, MacOS)
  • Access (Windows)
  • Publisher (Windows)
  • Outlook (Windows, MacOS)
  • Skype for companies (Windows)
  • InfoPath (Windows)
  • OneDrive for companies (Windows)​


Information Technology Centre
ul. Rakowiecka 22
02-554 Warszawa
room 7A building B
​telephone +48 22 564 6464