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CIAS application

2019-11-20 kategoria: Stypendia Pracownicy 

The Corvinus Institute for Advanced Studies (CIAS) is pleased to invite applicants for its senior and junior fellowship program for the academic year 2020/21.

CIAS provides research fellowships for scholars with outstanding credentials. The fundamental goal is to create an inspiring and creative intellectual community. Grants are made to citizens of any countries for a variety of research and educational activities (primarily advanced research and university teaching).

The CIAS awards provide international travel for the grantee to and from the host institution (CIAS) in Budapest, and limited accident and sickness insurance. CIAS fellows receive a stipend provided by CIAS.

Most grants are awarded for a period of one or two semesters (5 or 10 months), and in special circumstances, may be extended for limited periods.

Please find detailed information about the grants and check the online application platform on our website.

Eligibility requirements:

  • doctoral degree or equivalent professional training or experience;
  • only those with publications in internationally recognized scholarly outlets will be considered;
  • proficiency in English appropriate to the proposed research and/or lecturing to be carried out in Hungary;
  • a detailed statement of proposed activity for research (and lecturing);
  • certification of good health.

The deadline for applications is January 15th 2020.

Contact: cias@uni-corvinus.hu.