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Centrum Współpracy Międzynarodowej :
Centrum Współpracy Międzynarodowej

FSA ULaval Online International Summer Business School 2020

2020-05-15 kategoria: Studenci wyjeżdżający Współpraca międzynarodowa informacja inne 

​Experience the vibrant business environment of Québec City by exploring the impact of a French-language market in North America! Get to know Québec culture so you can incorporate it as a core component of a distinctive and innovative marketing strategy. 

Discover how Québec-based companies shine on the international stage using their Québec uniqueness. Follow the example of companies from around the world that have successfully set up shop in Québec.
From the comfort of your own home, treat yourself to an interactive educational and cultural experience orchestrated by FSA ULaval, a world leader in techno-pedagogy. Come take part in these virtual classes that promote exchanges between instructors and students beyond national borders.

Dates and Location: July 3 to 17, 2020, Online only
Target audience: Undergraduate students from our partner universities FSA ULaval
Formula: Equivalent to 3 US credits (6 ECTS)
More information can be found here.