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Centrum Współpracy Międzynarodowej

UP International Weeks 2021 - Call for Applications

2020-10-22 kategoria: Pracownicy Współpraca międzynarodowa informacja 

​Universidad del Pacífico would like to invite lecturers from partners institutions to be part of the UP International Week 2021 and teach an online seminar of 16-hour or 32-hour in English or Spanish in the fields of Business Engineering, Information Engineering, Economics, Finance, Business Administration, Marketing, International Business, Accounting, and Law for our undergraduate students and alumni.

For 2021, there are two dates available: 8-12 March 2021 and 9-13 August 2021.

Application requirements:

  • PHD/doctorate degree [mandatory]
  • Curriculum Vitae [resume] indicating teaching experience
  • Seminar proposal [1-week duration]
  • Syllabus of previously taught courses or seminars
  • English or Spanish language proficiency certificate [for non-native speakers only]

Deadline for application: November 13, 2020 (online form)

Teaching rate per hour: 120,00 USD (before Withholding Tax)

Contact: Maria Fernanda Moscoso
Telephone: (51) 1 2190100 extension 5382
Email: facultymobility@up.edu.pe