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Centrum Współpracy Międzynarodowej

Open lecture with Professor from New Zealand

2017-06-15 kategoria: Studenci przyjeżdżający Pracownicy informacja 

​Open lecture with Professor Roberto Rabel from New Zealand: Challenges to regionalism in the Asia-Pacific, New Zealand responses and comparative possibilities.

The open lecture will take place in room 151G (main building)  on Monday 19 June at 2 pm.

The presentation would highlight the increasing pressures on regional architecture in the Asia-Pacific, focusing especially on the challenges facing the model of “ASEAN centrality”. It will summarise New Zealand’s strategic approach toward the Asia-Pacific region in recent years and how it is responding to contemporary challenges. Finally, Professor would engage in discussion with SGH academics and post-graduate students about possibilities for comparative analyses of regionalism in Europe and the Asia-Pacific by outlining two research projects which are underway at our University. One of these focuses on the increasingly close nexus between security and economics in the Asia-Pacific. The other, which is in its very preliminary stages, compares the challenges to regionalism in Europe and the Asia-Pacific with a view to exploring how regional integration can be revitalised.