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Oferta dydaktyczna : International e-learning courses
Centrum Rozwoju Edukacji Niestacjonarnej - Oferta dydaktyczna

 International e-learning courses

[136059-0557] Rationality and Moral Choice
[137939-0004] Responsible management

The program is organized in cooperation with University of Illinois at Springfield. The course groups consist of 15 SGH students and 15 UIS students. The courses belong to normal academic lectures and can be chosen by first degree SGH student.

[136059-0557] Rationality and Moral Choice
The aim of the program is to teach basic strategies of the theory of collective action and basic elements of the theory of social capital. These strategies will be applied to business cases and generalized into a business philosophy. Practice in using English language. American strategy of problem solving in cooperation with the UIS students.
  • Syllabus: available HERE
  • Lecturer: Prof. Peter Boltuc - University of Illinois at Springfield, USA (Rationality and Moral Choice - author)
Peter Boltuc is Associate Professor of Philosophy and Department Chair, University of Illinois Springfield and Associate Professor at the Education Development Centre of SGH Warsaw School of Economics. He specializes in social and political philosophy; social capital theory; ethics; philosophy of mind; and community building, teaching philosophy online. (see more information​)

[137939-0004] Responsible management
The goals of the course is to present the concept of responsible management addressing its conceptual and practical dimensions. The course aims at delivering the idea of responsible management referring to corporate governance, strategic management, compliance, reporting and internal company organization. Additionally, the course delivers wide range of case studies which illustrate the adoption of responsible management by companies in business practice.
  • Syllabus: available HERE
  • Lecturer: Prof. Maria Aluchna - SGH Warsaw School of Economics (Responsible management - author)

Maria Aluchna received her Ph.D. in Management and Finance Collegium, SGH Warsaw School of Economics. She specializes in corporate governance, works in Department of Management Theory in SGH Warsaw School of Economics. She has participated in many research concerning corporate performance, governance mechanisms, revitalization of companies and others.



If you have any problems or questions concerning courses, please contact us:

Centre for Open Education (Centrum Otwartej Edukacji)
SGH Warsaw School of Economics (Szkola Glowna Handlowa w Warszawie)
Al. Niepodleglosci 162 suite 226
02-554 Warsaw, Poland
email: e-sgh@sgh.waw.pl
phone: 0048 22 564 97 22
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