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Dziekanat Studium Magisterskiego :
Dziekanat Studium Magisterskiego

Student Delegation to EU´s Annual Forum for the Baltic Sea

2020-10-05 kategoria: konferencja 

Dear Students,

Join the BUP student delegation to the EU's Annual Forum for the Baltic Sea Region.

Each year the EU is organizing a forum for the Baltic Sea Region. The forum is an event where business, politics, academia, civil society and state organziations meet to discuss the future of our region. This year, the meeting is held online.

The aim of this student event is to give students the possibility to take part in the international forum and interact with stakeholders from all over the region. The program spans over 3 days, starting with half a day online seminar and workshop, hosted by Åbo Akademi University, where invited lectures giving presentations and smaller workshops. On the 20th of October, students will follow the program of the Annual forum. On the 21st of October, another half day of program will be hosted by Åbo Akademi University, concluding the summit.

Students that have completed the three days program and submitted a short essay on the forum, will be presented with a Certificate.