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Dziekanat Studium Magisterskiego :
Dziekanat Studium Magisterskiego

ICN Business School - Kurs języka francuskiego online

2021-05-26 kategoria: informacja 

Szanowni Studenci,

ICN Business School zaprasza na  tygodniowy wakacyjny kurs języka francuskiego w French Language Summer School w terminie: 30 sierpień - 3 wrzesień  2021.
The program offers 20 hours in total + 10 hours of self-study (the teaching is delivered remotely online) → 8am-12pm or 2pm-6pm CET via the Zoom platform to allow everyone to participate according to their time zone. Courses will be divided into two groups: Beginners (A1 and A2) and advanced (B1 and B2). The program cost is €360 payable through the online platform of the application form.
Please find further details about the courses in the PDF documents attached (in English and French). If any of your students are interested in joining the program, they can submit their application here until August 15th. .
Please feel free to share this email and our flyers with potential students. If you have any questions please contact studyabroad@icn-artem.com