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Dziekanat Studium Magisterskiego :
Dziekanat Studium Magisterskiego

CEMS course registration

2021-06-10 kategoria: informacja 

​Dear Students.
We would like to inform you that registration for CEMS course: Developing a Winning Sales and Marketing Strategy with L'Oreal is now open.
For this course pre-selection applies. Accepted students by L’Oreal will be officially enrolled to the course in the beginning of semester by Dean’s Office, there will be no possibility to register for this course in Virtual Dean’s Office (WD).
Take the opportunity to become a sales and marketing manager in a unique course led by the best professionals.
Apply through: https://careers.loreal.com/en_US/jobs/JobDetail/MARKETING-ACADEMIC-CEMS-COURSE-WARSAW-SCHOOL-OF-ECONOMICS/104727
Applications deadline July 6th