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 syllabus certification


For Students

The syllabus of courses completed by a student are certified by:

Conditions for obtaining a certification:

  • delivery of syllabus printouts from the SGH Virtual Dean’s Office by the student/graduate;
  • providing a reliable document which indicates the completion of the course by the student/graduate to a certifying coordinator/director.

Syllabus certification is free of charge. Syllabus of completed courses are certified by Educational Support (Dział Organizacji Dydaktyki) in consultation with the Archive.


For Graduates

For courses completed ​​by graduates, the printing and certification of syllabus is operated by Educational Support (Dział Organizacji Dydaktyki) ​​in consultation with the Archive. In order to obtain a syllabus certification, a graduate needs to submit the form available at Alumni Office. The form can be submitted in person or sent by e-mail to: dod (domain

Syllabus certification is free of charge.