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 Applications via usosweb

​To submit application via USOSweb you should log in and choose: Student's section.

 Applications samples


All applications addressed to the Deans of  Master's Studies shall be submitted on the templates below.  We ask you to read Rules and Regulations of Study.

Information about the time of delivering to the Master's Dean Office confirmation of sick-leave, which shall be the attachment to the application of keeping the date of exam:
  • confirmation of sick-leave shall be delivered within 3 days starting on the next day after being prepared by the medicine doctor

According to the Rules and Regulations of Study application shall consists of:

  • data of the person: student's number, semester of the studies the student is on, correspondence address, telephone number,
  • indication of the demand,
  • signature  of the person submitting application.


 applications available in vdo

  • information about exams collision
  • application for prolonging examination session
  • application for conditional enrollment for the next semester
  • application for repeating semester
  • application for retaking a semester
  • submitting Master's seminar declaration
  • application for rewriting subjects for the higher semesters
Please notice that the answer to the application submitted in Virtual Deans Office will be send via VDO.


 applications available as pdf


 other applications

  • application template - all applications that don't have the special template shall be submitted on the mentioned one
  • application for changing surname or other personal data - according to the Rules and Regulations of Study, student needs to inform the school about all changes in the personal data that are important for the studies, especially: name, surname, permanent address, correspondence address. In the case of not informing about new permanent or correspondence address, delivering letters or decisions on the address in Poland given to the school before shall be taken as effective  and  will have legal effect. The statement about changing personal data shall be submitted personally to the student's Assistant within office hours showing the original document confirming the changes. In the case of changing telephone number, passport or correspondence address you can send the confirmation via post or as scan sent from SGH mailbox.
  • authorization template.

 Deadlines for submitting applications