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 Master’s seminar


A seminar is a form of classes, devoted to prepare you and guide through a Master's thesis writting process.

This class is worth 20 ECTS total, 8 ECTS for 1st semester and 12 ECTS for 2nd semester. 

Each semester is credited separately – 1st with “pass”, 2nd with both, "pass" and the grade written on an evaluation form, submitted together with the thesis.

Seminar Declaration

It is obligatory to submit Master’s seminar declaration (via Virtual's Dean Office). Deadline is the end of the second semester.  That is due to the Rules and regulations in which states that failure to select the supervisor pursuant to section 2 shall mean failure to obtain credit in the diploma seminar.

Students who are resumpted or want to change the supervisor are asked to fulfill the declaration for seminar.

The application needs to be signed both by a student and by a supervisor. 

A supervisor can be any employer of SGH Warsaw School of Economics with at least PhD title.

Students of Finance & Accounting Practical may choose the supervisor from the list (updated).
Students of International Business may choose the supervisor from the list (offer for 2021/2022).

 master's thesis regulations

According to the Rules and regulations of Studies at SGH Warsaw School of Economics Master’s studies at given major, extended major or interdisciplinary major are completed upon passing the Master’s examination. You have to submit Master's theses on 4th semester.

The details concerning the date of defense are published in the Dean's Instruction on the website Master's diploma exam.



During the lasting of the seminar may happen that you decide to change your plans - the theme of the thesis or the supervisor.
In such case you are asked to submit the application to the Dean with signatures, both from the current supervisor and the new one.

The thesis ordered by the institution

You need to submit application to the Dean with the supervisor's opinion.