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​Each diploma needs approximately 30 days to be prepared. 

To receive your diploma you need to submit:

  • confirmation of payment for Diploma (Polish and English Version cost 100 PLN; students who study on the English programmes pay 60 PLN
    for all diplomas)

          The above-mentioned amount is to be paid to your individual PLN account number (seen in Virtual Dean's Office)

With above mentioned please come to the Dean`s Office during office hours for students.  

Due to the current situation there is a possibility of receiving Sign-off Sheet  online. To do so you shall fill in Sign-off sheet and send it to the dsm in the domain. 
Master's Dean Office will take care of receiving confirmation that you don't have any liability with the Library.

Student can pick up a diploma personally or can authorize someone else to do it. There are two ways to do it:

(1) fill in the documents mentioned below:

Those documents needs to be signed in the Dean`s Office (in advance), in presence of DO`s clerk.

(2) prepare your own statement, basing on the documents given above.

The statement must be confirmed by an attorney – you should go to an attorney in your current place of residence and legalize your statement. The statement needs to be submitted in original in DO and it stays with your files.

Basing on the empowerment, a person mentioned in this document is able to pick up your diploma.

All graduates who wish to stay in touch with the University are invited to join the SGH Alumni Club.

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