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 Online master's thesis defenses

​We have started online defenses using MS Teams application. You can find details in the Dean's Instructions:
  • INSTRUCTION concerns students who:
    1. had the right to submit Master's Thesis later (not later then till 21.05.2020),
    2. are on 4th semester,
    3. agreed to change the form of defense to oral.
  • INSTRUCTION concerns students who have passed the exam in Economics (1st part of diploma exam) and are waiting for defence (2nd part of diploma exam). Especially those students are asked to check their SGH mailbox and our website regularly.

We'd like to remind you that all applications, also concerning the day of defense, shall be submitted to Student's Assistant. In current situation you can also submit application via USOSweb or by post.

 master's diploma exam - "old" rules

Information for students who have submitted their Master's Theses by February 21st, 2020.

Student's who have failed the exam in March and it was their 1st term or those who have the possibility to attend the 2nd term - will have the exam in accordance with new rules (information below) given in the Dean's Instruction in force since February 22nd, 2020.

In accordance to the  Rector's Circular Letter of 28.04.20 I decided to cancel diploma exam in Economics planned for May 29th, 2020.

The new term of exam will be determined as soon as we are allowed to come back to traditional education form.

Dean of Master's Studies

  • The enrollment will be possible only through VDO. 
  • Students will be informed about possibility of enrolling for the exam in Economics via email (SGH domain). 
  • In the case of later fulfilling the conditions required for admission to exam in Economics, notifications would be send (by the end of enrollment).
  • Exam in Economics - instruction
  • Student has the right to inspect her/his exam in Economics based on the paper application submitted to the Master's Dean Office within two working days of the publishing results. 


 master's diploma exam - "new" rules


All details concerning submitting Master's Theses and defence schedule you will find in the Master's Dean Instruction:

  • INSTRUCTION in the winter semester of 2019/2020 academic year. 
  • INSTRUCTION in the summer semester of 2019/2020 academic year (you will find the questions in the right menu)


Information about the exam in Economics:

  • The exam in Economics, which is part of the diploma exam, has a written character and the form of the test.
  • The exam in Economics consists of 45 closed questions.
  • There are 5 answers to each question, of which only one answer is correct.
  • For every good answer you receive 1 point; no answer is worth 0 point, wrong answer costs you -0,25 point.
  • The exam in Economics lasts 90 minutes. 
  • To pass the exam in Economics you need to get at least 51% of maximum points.
  • The questions cover the thematic scope of General Economics, History of Economic Thought and Specialized Economics.
  • The exam in Economics includes 30 questions on General Economics, 3 on the History of Economic Thought,12 on Specialized Economics.

 You will find the details of issues and literature beside.


 Oral exam in economics