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 Conditions to be fulfilled in order to undertake Master’s thesis examination

Due to the Rules and regulations (§ 39 point 6), the diploma exam in second cycle programmes shall have two stages, an exam in Economics and a defence of the thesis.

To be permitted to attend the diploma exam you need to:
  • Score the required ECTS credits and complete the programme minimum required for the respective major, extended major or interdisciplinary major studies.  Students of the last semester are asked to check if they have the required  ECTS credits. It is important to remember to complete the programme minimum according to the SGH Guidebook binding the student and to credit the Master’s seminar.
  • Submit the Master’s thesis approved by the thesis supervisor together with the complete documentation generated from the APD system (login and the password are the same as in VDO) to the Dean’s Office.
  • get positive review of Master’s thesis.
  • regulate all the payments needed.

The procedure of scheduling the date for the Master’s thesis defence can only begin on condition that the Master’s thesis together with the complete documentation generated from the APD system has been submitted by the thesis supervisor to the Dean’s Office. The student must deliver necessary documents to the Dean’s Office. Please remember also to settle any overdue payments with SGH.

The procedure of scheduling the date for the Master’s thesis defence begins as soon as the Dean’s Office receives the positive review of the Master’s thesis.

The review of the Master’s thesis should be delivered to the Master's Dean Office within the period of 14 days from the day of notifying by the Dean of being selected as a Reviewer of the given Master’s thesis

Supervisors, reviewers and  Master’s students will be notified about planned date of Master’s thesis defence by e-mail. Please make sure that your e-mail address in SGH domain is working.

Details concerning economy exam you will find in the Master's Dean Instruction.


 necessary documents


With master thesis student is asked to submit the documents that are mentioned in check list