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 defense schedule


Master's Thesis defense will be scheduled right after filling in the requirements below:  

  • Submitting Master's Thesis in the Master's Dean Office 
  • Verification by Student's assistant​ the study programme and checking if the graduation is made 
  • Giving the Thesis to the reviewer according to the supervisor guidelines 
  • Receiving Master's Thesis with positive review    
  • Passing the Economy exam (concerns new rules of defence) 

Master's Thesis is given to the person who sets the defense schedule.
The defense term is appointed according to the committee's and supervisor's availability.   

Student, supervisor and reviewer are informed about the term of defense by e-mails sent on SGH mailbox. The e-mails are send 7 days before the given date.

To check the term given in advance you can look through the schedule here.

Person responsible for the schedule in Master's Dean Office is Ms Agnieszka Glińska


 student's card returning


Important condition for attending the defense is returning the student's card to the examination board.

If you pass the defense we'll keep your student card.

If you lost your ID by any reason you are obliged to inform the school. If you didn't manage to ask for duplicate - you'll be asked to fulfill the statement which is accesssible at the examination board.

If you are studying on the second major you also need to fulfill the appropriate statement.

The rights for owning the student cards have only students holding the rights of SGH Warsaw School of Economics. It means that with the moment of taking the diploma exam or being removed from the list of students there is an obligation for returning student card (due to the § 5 point 2 of Regulation of Ministry of Science and Higher Education of November 2nd, 2006).

Study programme and exam in economics


The final date of defense is given
7 days before. 

After that day you cannot change it.