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 Student`s ID card

Conditions for receiving a student ID card
The student ID card issue fee in 2018/2019 is 5 PLN.
Student ID cards will be ready to collect at Dean's Office from 1st of October during office working hours after showing the proof of payment.

The above-mentioned amount shall be paid to your individual PLN account number (seen in Virtual Dean's Office) with the note:
Title: student ID card + (student’s album number)
With a note: I semester of full-time, ADA / FA / GLO/ IB / TUR* II degree studies
* choose the appropriate form of study, where:
  • ADA - Advanced Analytics – Big Data
  • FA - Finance and Accounting with ACCA qualification
  • GLO- Global Business, Finance and Governance
  • IB - International Business
  • TUR - International Tourism, Hotel Industry and Leisure Services