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Validity of Student's card

5/22/2020 category: information 

There is no need to prolong student’s card personally.

Pursuant  to Article 51b (4) of the Act on higher education and science, in the time of suspended or limited function of the University and 60 days upon its termination (at the moment 60 days from September 30th), student’s cards and teacher’s service cards are valid with no need of their extension.

The act applies also when the cards lost their validation during the 30 days prior to suspense or limitation of universities functioning.

Therefore, there is no need to appear in person at the University for extending the cards.

If you're fined do not panic.

1. Do not pay the fine immediately.

2. Print documents below and contact Public Transport Office, ask for annulation of the fine and show printed documents.

Information about the validity of student's card: *

Ministerial Order about limited functioning of the universities:*

*information published on the government’s website only in the Polish language

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