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 Annex to SGH Senate’s resolution no. 709 of 29th April 2020


Annex to SGH Senate’s resolution no. 709 of 29th April 2020


Paragraph 23, point 12. . Once during the entire study period, within a month from the beginning of classes at the latest, the student shall be allowed to indicate a course the failing of which shall bear no impact on passing a semester or year of his/her study. This shall not apply to the courses determined as mandatory in the curriculum.


Rules of unsubscribing from classes pursuant to §23 point 12 of Rules and Regulations:

1.    You can unsubscribe only from subjects, that are not obligatory, which means, that you cannot unsubscribe from basic subjects, major subjects, languages and physical education in case of Bachelor studies and from Economics seminar in case of Master’s studies. Moreover, you cannot unsubscribe from repeated subjects. Unsubscription from repeated subject will result in lack of possibility to pass the semester.
2.    Each subject available in the form is described in a manner suggesting whether or not unsubscription is possible. However, due to different status of the same subjects for individual students (related to different fields of study etc.), above mentioned information should be treated only as an indication requiring verification (that is checking with individual program and plan of studies).
3.    In the form student has possibility to choose one subject.
4.    Student’s choice of a subject is stored in database. However, during the period of availability of the form there is a possibility of changing the decision and choosing another subject from the list.
5.    In case of subjects beginning in the middle of semester electronic unsubscription won’t be possible (that means you will have to submit the request for unsubscription; in the request you should refer to §23 point 12 of Rules and Regulations).
6.    If the decision of unsubscription from subject will be possible, then in column „Decision” should show information „Subject deleted” (otherwise the information “Request rejected” will show).
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