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 Rules of submission of Bachelor's thesis

The process related to the preparation for the defence takes the following steps: 

1) the submission of the thesis is done by uploading it by the student to APD system and sending it for anti-plagiarism verification by the supervisor. 

2) After receiving the report from the anti-plagiarism test the supervisor fills the review paper in APD system. After the review has been prepared, the supervisor sends an e-mail from the SGH account to, enclosing the review of the thesis  in the attachment, and in the content of message confirming acceptance of the work as a bachelor’s thesis (“I accept as a bachelor thesis”) and indicating the proposed reviewer. In the e-mail title should be „supervisor XXXXX”, where XXXXX is the student’s number. 

3) If the Rules and Regulations or Dean’s Instruction specify the latest deadline of submitting the thesis, it is deemed to have been met if the supervisor sends the e-mail described above before the deadline. 

4) Within 7 days the latest from the moment the thesis is uploaded to the APD system, the student shall send an e-mail from the SGH e-mail address to entitled “student XXXXX”, where XXXXX is the student’s number, giving the current telephone number, which is obliged to answer especially during the defence date, in case of technical problems on the part of the university. The attachment to this e-mail are:  

- personal questionnaire, which can be downloaded from the website: personal questionnaire 

- confirmation of payment for the diploma, paid by bank transfer to the individual account number from VDO, 

- in case of extracurricular achievements, about which information is included in the diploma supplement – additionally filled annex available on the website statement of the student's additional activity ​​​ and confirmation of particular achievements in the form of e-mails send by appropriate SGH units or scans of documents.  

The total volume of the attachments shall not exceed 20 Mb.

ATTENTION: declaration of the author of thesis should be send with the personal questionnaire

5) The Dean’s office notifies the reviewer appointed by the Dean of a request to review the thesis. The reviewer fill the form in the APD system and then send the completed review form in PDF  by e-mail from the address in SGH domain to, in the title writing “reviewer XXXXX”, where XXXXX is the student’s number. 

6) After receiving the complete documentation and verifying the student’s completion of studies, the Dean’s office informs the supervisor, reviewer and student about the planned date of defence, no later than 7 days before its date by e-mail to the SGH e-mail address.


 Standard of the bachelor thesis


The most important part of the thesis is its content. You need to pay attention for a few crucial from formal point of view matters:

  • The title page of the thesis must be the laid out according to the model (title page in Microsoft Word)​ - current example, valid from 01.10.2020
  • The second page should be left blank (or the list of content will be printed on the back of title page)
  • The last page is thesis summary (about 900 marks)
  • The declaration​ is attached to personal qquestionnaire​. The declaration alone should also be uploaded to APD as separate file.
  • In case of completing a specialization, you must write in on the title page of the thesis. On the diploma will be given only one specialization (first one), which will be written on the title page. Other specializations will be included in the supplement. Please do not write the between-major specialization on the title page.
Bachelor thesis should be uploaded to Archive of Diploma Theses (APD) (INSTRUCTION​)

ATTENTION: students studying in English write the whole thesis and fill in all the documents in English. While sending the thesis to APD choose the correct language, otherwise the documents will not be accepted.

In case of technical problems please contact IT support - Centrum Technologii Informatycznych:

Building "B" room 7A, tel.: 0-22 564 64 64





Content and Formal Requirements for Diploma Theses, Mode of Thesis Submission and Evaluation -  Annex to the Rules and Regulations of First and Second Cycle Study Programme and Long Cycle Study Programme at SGH​ 

Example of bachelor thesis - according to Rector's order on diploma thesis​