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  Instruction of the Dean of Bachelor Studies on the online defences of the diploma thesis of 09.04.2020


§1. Due to impossibility of organising defences in a stationary form, defences will be carried out remotely until mobility restrictions are lifted. The course of the defence process is defined in this instruction. 


§2. In case of persons who have not yet have the date of defence set, the detailed procedure is set out in §3-5, and it doesn’t require submitting the paper thesis, review or personal questionnaire if they have already been carried out in previous procedure. In the case of persons who have had the date of defence set, and were dismissed because of an epidemic, the procedure set out in §4-5 applies. 


§3. The process related to the preparation for the defence takes the following steps: 

1) the submission of the thesis is done by uploading it by the student to APD system and sending it for anti-plagiarism verification by the supervisor. 

2) After receiving the report from the anti-plagiarism test the supervisor fills the review paper in APD system. After the review has been prepared, the supervisor sends an e-mail from the SGH account to, enclosing the review of the thesis  in the attachment, and in the content of message confirming acceptance of the work as a bachelor’s thesis (“I accept as a bachelor thesis”) and indicating the proposed reviewer. In the e-mail title should be „supervisor XXXXX”, where XXXXX is the student’s number. 

3) If the Rules and Regulations or Dean’s Instruction specify the latest deadline of submitting the thesis, it is deemed to have been met if the supervisor sends the e-mail described above before the deadline. 

4) Within 7 days the latest from the moment the thesis is uploaded to the APD system, the student shall send an e-mail from the SGH e-mail address to entitled “student XXXXX”, where XXXXX is the student’s number, giving the current telephone number, which is obliged to answer especially during the defence date, in case of technical problems on the part of the university. The attachment to this e-mail are:  

- personal questionnaire, which can be downloaded from the website: personal questionnaire 

- confirmation of payment for the diploma, paid by bank transfer to the individual account number from VDO, 

- in case of extracurricular achievements, about which information is included in the diploma supplement – additionally filled annex available on the website statement of the student's additional activity ​ and confirmation of particular achievements in the form of e-mails send by appropriate SGH units or scans of documents.  

The total volume of the attachments shall not exceed 20 Mb. 

5) The Dean’s office notifies the reviewer appointed by the Dean of a request to review the thesis. The reviewer fill the form in the APD system and then send the completed review form in PDF  by e-mail from the address in SGH domain to, in the title writing “reviewer XXXXX”, where XXXXX is the student’s number. 

6) After receiving the complete documentation and verifying the student’s completion of studies, the Dean’s office informs the supervisor, reviewer and student about the planned date of defence, no later than 7 days before its date by e-mail to the SGH e-mail address. 


§4. The process related to the course of defence takes the following steps: 

1) The supervisor, reviewer and student are obliged to have at their disposal for the duration of the defence equipment equipped with a camera and a microphone with MS Teams software installed and a link enabling video transmission with sufficient quality of data transmission. In case of lack of appropriate equipment or a ling, the supervisor and reviewer are required to inform the Dean’s employee at as soon as possible after the student has submitted  the thesis, and at the latest – immediately in response to an e-mail containing information about the confirmed date of defence. In such a situation the university will make efforts to allow the supervisor and the reviewer access to the relevant infrastructure. 

2) In special cases, the reviewer can be replaced in defence by another authorised SGH didactics employee with required powers. In such a situation, the head of the board shall be informed before the defence begins, and further points of the reviewer procedure shall apply to the person replacing the reviewer.  

3) The supervisor, reviewer and student participating in the defence shall have opportunity to verify the quality of their connection before the defence. In order to do so, please contact an employee of the Dean’s office at at the latest 5 working days before the scheduled date of defence, providing a contact number in the e-mail, in the title of e-mail writing “technical issue”. 

4) Before the defence, the head of the board shall establish a channel in MS Teams application dedicated to a given defence (a separate channel for each defence). Detailed instructions for the creation of such a channel shall be set out in the Dean’s instruction to the Head of the examination board for conducting the online bachelor examinations. 

5) On the day of the defence, starting from 10 minutes before the planned time of the defence, the supervisor, reviewer and student are obliged to be available at the device with MS Teams application running and to wait for the call  of the head of the board (via MS Team) 

6) To start the defence, the head of the board enters a given channel (dedicated to a given defence), tarts a video call and joins the meeting of the promoter and reviewer, according to the Dean’s instruction to the Head of the examination board for conducting the online bachelor examinations, and then starts recording the defence. 

7) The supervisor and reviewer shall give to the head of the board the examination questions, which the head of the board shall write in the protocol. 

8) At the request of the head of the board, a student shall joint the meeting by video. The head of the board shall provide the student with the examination questions. The rest of the defence is carried out int he same way as in the traditional defence. 

9) The head of the board may require that the camera be positioned in the room where the student is staying in such a way as to ensure that the student does not use outside assistance. The student is required to ensure that a sufficiently large part of the room can be captured from the camera’s perspective in order to be able to verify the independence of answering the Board’s questions. 

10) After the answer is given, the head of the board shall informs he student that the Board shall move to the classified part, and the student shall be called again after the end of classified part. The head of the board then disconnects the student and interrupts the recording.  

11) The Board shall establish grades of the answers to the individual questions. 

12) The head of the board shall invite the student to re-join the meeting, inform him/her of the outcome of the defence, after which the meeting shall be finished. 

13) After the defence has been completed, the head of the board should check whether there is a link to the file with the recorded defence on the channel (notice board). The head of the board is obliged to keep the recording in MS Teams application within one month from the date of defence.  

14) In the event of a broken connection with a student in the course of his or her defence, the head of the board shall attempt to re-establish the connection, with a maximum of three attempts. The head of the board may, in the case of persistent loss of connection with the student, consider that the defence must be re-established at another time. In such a situation, if the student has been able to answer some of the questions in the previous defence, or has clearly been unable to do so, the head of the board may consider that the defence constitutes the resumption of the defence previously interrupted of which the student shall be informed by e-mail from the head of the board immediately after the interruption of the defence resulting in a decision to postpone it. The resumption of the defence means that only those examination questions to which the student has not answered due to a break in the connection have been re-established. 


§5. The process after the defence is completed shall take the following steps: 

1) The head of the board shall draw up a paper protocol of the defence and sign it. 

2) The Dean’s office employee sends a scan of the protocol to the SGH e-mail addresses of the supervisor and the reviewer. In response to the indicated e-mail, the supervisor and the reviewer reply by confirming in the content of e-mail, that they accept the protocol. 

3) Printing of the email referred to in §5(2) and signed by the head of the board protocol shall constitute a record of the defence. After the endo of the epidemic, supervisor and reviewer are required, after receiving appropriate information from the Dean, to complete the signatures on the paper protocol. 

4) The diploma and the supplement are prepared in the usual way, with the reception of the diploma only being possible after the abolition of mobility restrictions related to epidemic. In special cases, the student has the right to request a certificate of defence and its outcome. Applications in this case may be sent by e-mail to not earlier than 7 working days after the completed defence, from the SGH e-mail address, to which a scanned version of the certificate is sent after its preparation 


§6. The instruction comes into force on the date of issue and is valid until further notice.