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 On-line defences

From 01.06.2022 bachelor defences will be held on site in SGH Warsaw School of Economics, according to the Instruction of the Dean of Bachelor Studies on the defences of the diploma thesis of 5th of April 2022​, except for those, who have completed the bachelor seminar and submitted the thesis no later than in winter semester 2021/22. In their cases the defences will be held online and the previous instruction is in force until end of July 2022.

 Bachelor Exam

For the date of bachelor thesis defence to be set, following steps are necessary:
  • Student upload the bachelor thesis to APD system and the personal questionnaire send to​
  • The assistant prepares the completion of studies and verifies it everything is passed, according to the plan of studies
  • The thesis is forwarded to the reviewer (via APD system) according to the supervisor's guidelines
  • The review is delivered to the Dean's office 
  • Date of defence is given within 3 months from the date of meeting the criteria required to take the diploma examination​

Person responsible for arranging the schedule of defences in Undergraduate Studies Office is Mrs. Alina Kurzep.

  • Bachelor defences take place from Monday till Friday, 8:00 - 16:00
  • For students, who will submit the thesis until 31st of May 2022 (inclusive), bachelor exam will take place
    between 7th and 22nd of July 2022
  • Final date is given 7 day before the defence via e-mail send to address in SGH domain -
  • Date of defence can be checked in schedule of defences




  • The defence of thesis has form of oral examination before a board (chairperson, supervisor and reviewer of the thesis). 
  • The exam consists of one question relating to the subject matter of the thesis and one question relating directly to the field of study.
  • In the case of obtaining an unsatisfactory grade or an unjustified absence the Dean settles a second – final date of exam

The graduate receives, within 30 days from the day of taking the degree examination, the diploma of graduation in Polish and with the graduate's request, one or two copies in English (each copy paid separately).

Basis of calculation of the final result of studies and the grade on the diploma is a sum of:


  • 0,6 of the average calculated from grades obtained during the course of the entire studies, calculated on the basis of formula described in the Rules of Studies, except for the grade obtained for a degree seminar,
  • 0,3 of the arithmetical average of the supervisor’s and reviewer’s grade,
  • 0,1 of the arithmetical average of positive grades received for the examination.

The diploma of graduation of bachelor studies includes a written final result of studies in accordance with the rule:

  • up to 3,30 - satisfactory,
  • above 3,30 to 3,75 - satisfactory plus,
  • above 3,75 to 4,20 - good,
  • above 4,20 to 4,60 - good plus,
  • above 4,60 – very good.

A graduate may obtain a degree with honors if the following conditions are fulfilled:

  • studies have been concluded within the planned time limit,
  • arithmetical average of grades obtained within the entire course of studies exceeds 4,70,
  • the degree thesis was given the grade 5,0,
  • the degree examination was passed with the grade of 5,0,
  • the graduate during the course of studies didn't violate the principles
Granting a degree with honors is ruled by the Rector at the requested application from the examination board, which participates in the degree examination.