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 Collecting the Diploma

School has 30 days (counted from the day of defense) to prepare the diploma, while the graduate should collect it within 3 months from the day of defense, because after that term all documents are passed to Archive.
In the Dean's office were prepared the diplomas of students, who had their defence until
 27 May 2020 inclusive
Dear Alumni,

The diploma and the supplement are prepared in the usual way, with the reception of the diploma only being possible after the abolition of mobility restrictions related to epidemic. 

In special cases, the student has the right to request a certificate of defence and its outcome

Applications in this case may be sent by e-mail to not earlier than 7 working days after the completed defence​, from the SGH e-mail address, to which a scanned version of the certificate is sent after its preparation.

Due to current situation, there are two possibilities to receive the diploma:

  • in Dean's office after previous e-mail University-leaving card should be send to After confirming the settlement of the obligations towards the SGH Library, Dean's office will send you the information with confrimation of receipt of the diploma

    Students who have the possibility to collect the diploma in person, can come to the Dean's office, after setting the appointment by e-mail.

  • by post (parcel can be send only in Polish territory by Polish Post Office). For that you should send to the Dean's office application for sending the diploma together with supplement (scan send to and by post).

ATTENTION: students admitted to studies based on tuition fee under the rules other than binding Polish citizens are discharged from the payment for the diploma. All students studying in English are discharged from the payment for the copy(ies) of diploma in English. (Rector's order No. 15 from 25.04.2014).


Diploma can be collected by the graduate in person or by the authorized person with authorization certified by notary public.