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Final deadline for submitting the bachelor thesis in winter semester of the academic year 2019/2020 is:

  • For students who plan to take the Bachelor Exam in July: 1st of June 2020 (Monday) inclusive (date of the supervisor's review)
  • For other students: 27th of September 2020 inclusive

Matters concerning diploma theses are regulated by the Rector's order no. 23 from 20 March 2020 changing the Rector's order no. 45 from 19 September 2017 on diploma theses changed by the Rector's order no. 29 from 30 May 2019.
Uniformed text of Rector's order no. 45 from 19 September 2017.

Information about Archive of Diploma Theses APD


 Documents submitted for the defence

diploma + two copies in Polish - 60 PLN
diploma + copy in Polish and English - 60 PLN
additional copy in English - 40 PLN

(chosen set should be checked in the questionnaire)

Payment to the student's individual account number from Virtual Dean's Office (in the title of payment the student number is required)

Attention! Foreign students of English studies, accepted on basis different that binding Polish citizens, are discharged from the payment for diploma. Polish citizens, studying in English, are discharged from additional payment for copy in English.

 on-line bachelor defence

obrony on line.png