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 Student internship


Student professional internship is one of the obligatory parts of programme of bachelor studies. It is considered one of the "elective courses" and is worth 3 ECTS points.

The internship may be done after completing the first year of studies, in Poland as well as abroad. The course of internship should be related to the programme of studies at SGH and last at least 3 weeks. Student submits documents no. 1 and 2 to Dział Organizacji Dydaktyki

In particular cases the professional work or traineeship also may be considered as student's internship (student submits to the Dean's Office only the document no.3). In this case it must last at least 3 months.

Documents in English (in force from 1 October 2016):

  1. Agreement on student's professional internship (print in 3 copies; must be signed BEFORE the internship in room 37)
  2. Declaration on professional work/traineeship/internship (ONLY in case of professional work/traineeship lasting at least 3 months)

Annexes to the Rules and Regulations of Student Internships at the Warsaw School of Economics (from 23 March to 30 September 2016):
Annex No. 1 - a student internship syllabus template
Annex No. 2 - a template of the application for internship credit based on the professional work of a student
Annex No. 3 - an internship agreement template (print in 3 copies; must be signed BEFORE the internship in room 37)
Annex No. 4 - a template of the internship report