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 The plan of study and curriculum


Schedule to Resolution No. 198 of the Senate of the SGH Warsaw School of Economics of 29 April 2022 - Curricula for first cycle programmes in English at SGH (for students admitted in the academic year 2022/2023)


General information about the programme of studies at Warsaw School of Economics:

  • during the first 3 semesters all students have the same, obligatory classes (basic courses)
  • during the first 2 semesters you need to do Physical Education classes
  • during the first 4 semesters you study 2 different languages (at least on the intermediate level)
  • beginning from the 4th semester you can choose subjects and do the courses designed  for your field of study (major, obligatory courses; elective courses related to your field of study; other elective courses)
  • you are allowed to choose and finish the minor within your field of study by doing specific group of elective courses and writing a bachelor's thesis related to this minor
  • in the 5th or 6th semester you choose the bachelor's seminar and write the bachelor's thesis
  • during studies you are obliged to do the internship (details – Dział Organizacji Dydaktyki, career service)

For the list of basic, major and elective courses related to particular fields of study, as well as description of the faculties check the links above.


Students of International Economics are obliged to do both Theory of State and European Integration (one as an basic course, on 4th semester, and the second as major, until the end of studies).

Students of Management are obligated to do complete following subjects Management (110591), Management (Seminar) (110601) - those two are the same as Management (110641), and Marketing (110481) – two as basic subjects, third as major subject.

Students of the 1st semester must do three online trainings: . Trainings are obligatory and free. In case they are not completed the student will not be granted credit for the first semester.

Trainings are obligatory and free. In case they are not completed the student will not be granted credit for the first semester. Students should make yourself acquainted with all the training materials and pass the obligatory tests, following the instructions provided. Contact:, room 226, Building G
Students of the 1st semester must also do Introduction to Academic Culture training (registration in 2nd stage of semester declarations) and Corporate Social Responsibility (e-learning) (registration in semester declarations​)

Suggested sequences of major subjects

Below you can find the suggested (non-obligatory) sequences of major subjects for students, who will begin studies from academic year 2021/2022. Realization of classes in the order proposed by the Programme Council of the field of study will allow you to optimally arrange your plan of study (some of the subjects due to the nature of discussed content, should be taken before others).

Field of study Global Business Finance and Governance ​

Field of study International Economics 

Field of study Management