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According to art. 51b ust. 4 of the act – Law of higher education and science, during the period of suspension or restriction of the operation of a higher education Institution and for 60 days after its completion student cards and academic teacher's cards are valid, without the need to confirm their validity. institution. 

(polish version)​

Information of Ministry of Education and Science about validity of student cards

(polish version)

From 6th of September 2021 students can extend the student card. Students, who began studies in academic year 2020/2021 can also collect the student card.

Extending of hte student cards and collecting them will be able after setting the appointment on the website:

collection of the student card - for the first year students who began studies in academic year 2021/2022

collection of the student card - for students who began studies in academic year 2020/2021

Students, who already finished the spring semester 2020/2021 and paid all required fees (including the fee for winter semester 2021/2022) will receive student card extension until 31st of March 2022.

The whole process will be organized with fulfillng the sanitary precautions, so please follow the rules: hand disinfection, to the Dean's office we invite only and exclusively in masks.

Please adhere to sign-up times, as those who don't show up at the designated time will not be served.

Details about extention of student cards can be found on our website 

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