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Dear Students,

 Due to increased risk of epidemy, we prepared a for in the system to submit any request in electronic form. To do that you should use the attached instruction. To the request you can attach a scan of a document (maximum 10 Mb). Please remember, that if you include documents concerning any third party (i.e. family matters), you need to attach RODO consent (form - Polish version​).

 We encourage you to take this opportunity to submit requests. As it was, the electronic requests will be resolved in first place, and by communicating in this way we can potentially contribute to reduce the spread of viruses, because so far, about the decision you will be informed electronically via USOSweb. As before, our employees are also at your disposal by phone – the dean’s office and deans work so far as usual, decisions will be made on the ongoing basis.


Best regards

Bartosz Witkowski

Dean of Bachelor Studies

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