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Support for students

6/22/2021 category: full-time studies in English information 

Dear Students!


The classes have ended in next semester, in which we were unable to meet in the walls of Warsaw School of Economics and we could only meet or have contact only via distant communication applications. The coronavirus pandemic period, which – let’s hope! – is coming to an end for sure wasn’t the easiest. Many months of isolation, anxiety of your and your families health, lack of direct contact with other students and lecturers, logistic difficulties in many university and every day matters are only some problems, with which we all had to set against for the last dozen or so months. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the authorities of Warsaw School of Economics have made efforts to facilitate you studying in such difficult time, but also to support you in other areas of your life. Some of the negative effects of the drastic changes, to which we had to adapt rapidly in lockdown conditions, will certainly have effects in the longer term as well.

I consider it to be the University’s responsibility not only to provide you with the opportunity to complete the program of study from recruitment to the defense of your thesis, but also to create a bond with your Alma Mater and the members of the academic community – a bond that will likely prove to be an important element of your social capital. The authorities of the Warsaw School of Economics (SGH) consistently strive to meet your needs, especially in the difficult period of the pandemic – some of the solutions we offer have been in place for many years, while others have been developed recently in response to the changing needs of various members of our academic community. I hope you will take the time to read them and, above all – to take advantage of various forms of support if you feel they meet your needs.

First of all, I would like to emphasize, that if you find yourself in difficult situation, need support or are not sure what possibilities SGH can offer to solve your problems – you can count on our support. In some cases this may take the form of a conversation with a kind and empathetic person, who is familiar with the rules and realities of academic life, in others – help of a different, professional psychological nature would be advisable.

In this contact I would like to draw your attention to some basic solutions, such as:

  • Free psychological assistance, during the period of remote education, students in need of psychological support may benefit from consultations with a specialist. These consultations are conducted on-line. In order to schedule a meeting, you should send an application to the following address ( More detailed information on both the psychological assistance offered by the SGH Warsaw School of Economics and the psychologist on duty can be found on the website: Psychological Assistance | SGH Warsaw School of Economics
  • Possibility of justifying the student’s absence during exam in case of disease, indisposition, or the occurrence an undesirable vaccine reaction after vaccination against coronavirus. The occurrence of events that prevent participation in exams and credits does not have to be a source of additional stress and worries - you can still keep this, arising directly from par. 23 of the Study Regulations, right to use two exam dates in a subject, applying for the Dean's consent to extend the session. Detailed instruction of the Dean of the Undergraduate Studies can be found on website: Instrukcja Dziekana Studium Licencjackiego w sprawie dodatkowych terminów egzaminów ENG od września 2018.pdf ( In connection with the implementation of the coronavirus vaccination program, the possibility of excusing absences from exams by those who have chosen to receive the vaccination has also recently been introduced Annex no 1 to the Instruction of the Dean of Bachelor Studies regarding additional terms of exam.pdf (
  • Possibility of obtaining a health leave (a leave of absence) in the event of long-term disease or health problems - in accordance with par 33 of the Study Rules and Regulations, a student may apply for a health leave, for one semester preceding submission of the application and for a period longer than one semester if the medical certificates indicate such necessity.
    The application for this a health leave should be thoroughly justified and documented - medical documentation confirming the circumstances justifying granting the sick leave should be presented. The Dean may also decide to refer the student to a medical board, which will professionally assess their health.

  • Support for students with disabilities, chronically ill or with other exceptional health problems - the Office for People with Disabilities has been operating in the SGH administration for many years. Their main tasks include adapting the University to the needs of people with various disabilities and equalizing their educational opportunities, including through help in solving individual problems of people with disabilities, financial support (social scholarships) or the purchase of equipment and specialized software, facilitating education for people with various health dysfunctions. Detailed information on the tasks and work of the Office (and contact details) can be found on the Office for People with Disabilities website Home (
    Information on financial support for people with disabilities can be found on the Important information ( section on our website.

  • Social scholarships (financial support) - students who find themselves in a difficult financial situation may apply for a social scholarship. Detailed information on the scholarship application procedure and applicable award criteria can be found on the website Maintenance grant – Student Support

  • Possibility of borrowing computer equipment - during the distance learning period, so at least till end of currant semester, the University may lend computer equipment to students allowing them to participate in classes. Requests should be sent to the address Priority is given to students who have been awarded a social scholarship.


My many years of experience working at the University, particularly as Dean of the Undergraduate Studies, indicates that many problems related to class attendance or meeting the requirements for passing individual courses can be solved in an atmosphere of mutual respect, trust and loyalty through direct contact with the lecturers. If possible, it is advisable to signal your problems as far in advance as possible, trying to familiarize yourself in advance with the requirements presented at the beginning of the semester, to which both students and academic staff should adhere. In case of violation of your rights, you may use the assistance of the Plenipotentiary of  the Rector for Students and Doctoral Students’ Rights and Obligations, prof. Krzysztof Falkowski ( You are also supported by the authorities of the Undergraduate Studies Office. In addition to submitting an application in which you describe a possible violation of your rights, you may also take advantage of the opportunity to speak individually with the Dean or Deputy Dean during regular Deans’ office hours. The schedule of Deans’ office hours and the procedure for signing up for an interview with a particular person can be found on the website Dean’s Office Hours (

Last but not least, I would also like to make a heartfelt plea to you to consider getting vaccinated against coronavirus – if you have not already done so and your health permits. Gaining collective resilience is in the interest of us all and will certainly promote a return to the walls of the University for good. I hope that in October we will meet in the lecture halls of SGH – some of them have been renovated and you will be able to get to know them not only by watching new series on a popular streaming platform.

Best regards,

Prof. dr hab. Bartosz Witkowski

Dean of Bachelor Studies with the team 

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