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 Information for 1st year students



Student ID number, login and password to the SGH network will be sent to your e-mail addresses given during the recruitment process.

Please take a look at the programme and the plan of studies.
  • during the first 3 semesters all of you have the same, obligatory classes (basic courses)
  • during the first 2 semesters you have also Physical Education classes
  • during the first 4 semesters you study 2 different languages
  • beginning from the 4th semester you can choose subjects and do the courses designed  for your field of study (major, obligatory courses; elective courses related to your field of study; other elective courses)
  • you are allowed to choose and finish the minor within your field of study by doing specific groups of elective courses
  • in the 5th or 6th semester you will choose the seminary and write the bachelor’s thesis
  • during studies you are obliged to do the internship (details – Dział Organizacji Dydaktyki/Educational Support; useful website –
  • you are allowed to change the declared field of study before the end of the 3rd semester, only to another fee-based faculty
Each semester you enrol on the classes logging in Virtual Dean’s Office​ (Wirtualny Dziekanat) and you have to do it BEFORE the classes begin! There is always more than one chance to do it. Not registering online may cause not being allowed to join the classes and, as a result, not completing them. You need 30 ECTS point each semester, 180 in the whole cycle of studies. You can use more, but exceeding the limit may result in adding a fee (check your table of payments). First you always choose the obligatory courses for the semester, then – if possible – you can add more. Each course you declare must be completed.



Schedule of semester declarations in winter semester 2019/2020 (declaration for 1st semester):

2 September (Monday) 10:00 a.m. – 4 September (Wednesday) 10:00 a.m 2019 1st stage of semester declaration for students beginning studies at SGH – choosing lecturers and courses
16 September (Monday) 2019 - Publication of the preliminary class schedule
17 September (Tuesday) 10:00 a.m. - 18 September (Wednesday) 10:00 a.m. 2019 - 2nd stage – eliminating conflicts by students who participated in the 1st stage of selection​
17 September (Tuesday) 10:00 a.m. - 23 September (Monday) 10:00 a.m. 2019 - ​Choosing Physical Education classes
19 September (Thursday) 2019 - Technical break 
20 September (Friday) 10:00 a.m. - 23 September (Monday) 10:00 a.m. 2019 -
2nd stage – joining the launched courses, as far as possible, no possibility to unsubscribe from any courses
25 September (Wednesday) 2019 - Publication of the final class schedule
26 September (Thursday) 10:00 a.m. - 30 September (Monday) 10:00 a.m. 2019 3rd stage – the opportunity to join classes that are launched

30 September (Monday) 2:00 p.m. - 7 October (Monday) 2:00 p.m. 2019 extra stage - the opportunity to subscribe to the subjects with the approval of the teachers in Virtual Dean’s Office

The complete programme and plan of studies, schedules and deadlines for submitting the declaration are available on the website.

Students of studies conducted in English are also allowed to participate in student exchange programmes. Please direct all questions regarding the programmes (i.e. Erasmus) to Mrs Katarzyna Smolińska (room 5).


Exam session
You have 2 possibilities of taking each exam during the exam period („sesja”). If for some important reason (i.e. illness) you could not attend it, there is a possibility of prolonging the exam period. To do so you need to submit a special form. You have to attach the certification from the doctor’s office or other document that justifies your absence (not necessary if the reason was conflict of exams during the exam period – details in the Rules of Studies).

It is obligatory to check your grades in the Virtual Dean’s Office and inform the Dean’s Office about any problems. After one month the complaints will not be considered. In case of not getting the grade, in spite of passing the exam, contact the lecturer.

Conditional enrolment
Conditional enrolment (so-called "warunek") for the next semester is possible for students of the 1st semester with ONLY ONE subject failed. As for the students of higher semesters, conditional consent to continue studying in the next semester may be awarded to those who did not pass not more than two courses. Getting “warunek” is not automatic: you need to submit a special form. Remember to take the same course next year (or semester, if possible)! The payment for the conditional enrolment is specified in your table of payments and has to be made within 2 weeks following the Dean’s decision, into your individual EUR account.


Students of the 1st semester must do three online trainings: . Trainings are obligatory and free. In case they are not completed the student will not be granted credit for the first semester.

  • Occupational Health Safety Training (BHP);
  • Library Training;
  • Fundamentals of Intellectual Property Protection Training.

More information​

Students of the 1st semester also must do training:

  • Introduction to Academic Culture 


The most important document during your studies is the student’s card.
You will receive it in the Undergraduate Studies Office (room 5).


To get it you need to bring the confirmation of payment - 22 PLN. Title of payment: name, surname, student ID number, faculty name - opłata za legitymację. The student’s card will be extended after completing the semester and settling all the obligatory payments.

The fee must be paid into your individual account number in PLN – you can find it in VDO.
Attention! There is no student’s book (“indeks”) at SGH, all the grades will appear on your account in the Virtual Dean’s Office.
In Dean’s Office you may get also, without any additional fee:

  • certificate of (partial) completion of studies
  • information about your account and list of your payments – also available in VDO
  • transcript of records (your courses and grades)

Any other document (not coming directly from the Dean’s Office) may be signed only by the Dean/Vice-dean, so you may not get it immediately. This applies also to the certificate required by the embassy. Please collect documents in person.  Any exceptions are possible only if you are abroad. If you are planning longer holidays/work, come to the office before leaving and do not write to the Dean’s Office asking for scans or letters the last minute. Moreover, the Dean’s Office does not give documents nor information about your studies to other people (including members of your family).


Bachelor studies in English are payable. Please check the details in the table of payments and/or in your contracts. The most important information for the students starting in the academic year 2019/2020:

  • per semester - 2000 euro (payable by 30 September for the winter semester and by the last day of February for the spring semester)
  • per year (payment in 10 installments) - 4200 euro (one installment 420 euro) (payable by the last day of each month starting from September in the winter semester and February in the spring semester )
  • every student has their individual account number in EUR (you will find it in VDO, you can also get the information in paper in Dean’s Office)
  • you can pay ONLY in euro
  • those who need invoice, have to inform the Dean’s Office about it at the moment of making the payment, sending/bringing the proof of payment. Also the student has to write a request (referred simply to "Dziekanat Studium Licencjackiego") with all the data necessary to issue an invoice. Important: requests made later than within 3 months from the moment of making the payment will not be considered.

Details for the payment:

owner of the bank account – Szkoła Główna Handlowa w Warszawie, Al. Niepodległości 162, 02-554 Warszawa
swift code, if necessary – PKOPPLPW
title of the payment - name, surname, faculty name, opłata czesnego - za semestr/rata) (tuition fee per semester/installment)

Remember that there are two account numbers and the fee for the student’s card – and only this fee – must be paid into your individual account number in PLN.


Problems with Virtual Dean's Office and e-mail accounts are the responsibility of Zespół Wsparcia Rozwiązań Informatycznych (IT support):​ (tel. 22 564 64 64 , Building B - Library, room 7a).
If your case is unique and the standard rules do not apply, you may contact the Dean/Vice Dean directly in his office. The hours will be announced on the website.

If you need to submit a written request, you bring it to the Dean’s Office. The process may take up 2 weeks, so after this period you can ask about the decision.


  • decisions related to your studies (exams, grades, enrolling onto classes, leave from classes, conditional enrolment, change of field of studies, etc.) are made by the Dean (Prodziekan/Vice Dean)
  • decisions related to prolonging the deadlines (submitting documents that you have not submitted during the recruitment process, payments) are made by the Rector (Prorektor ds. dydaktyki i studentów/Vice Rector for Teaching and Student Affairs)

All requests/applications directed to the Dean/Rector have to contain:

  • actual date of submitting the request
  • your personal data (at least name, surname, student's number, faculty and year)
  • name of the person you are referring to
  • explanation of the problem / justification of the request
  • signature (hand-written!)
  • in the case of extraordinary requests (especially related to payments) other documents, confirming your situation, may be needed



  • read and know the Rules and Regulations of Studies​
  • enrol on the classes online
  • control the grades in the Virtual Dean’s Office
  • pay the fees on time
  • collect the documents in person
  • inform about the change of personal data (including correspondence address and telephone number)
  • foreign students who were enrolled for studies on the basis of (among others) visa or residence card are obliged to submit the up-to-date document immediately after the expiration date of the previous one 
  • check the e-mail box at SGH
  • check „Aktualności” (News) on the website
  • respect office hours



DSL – Dziekanat Studium Licencjackiego / Undergraduate Dean’s Office (room 5-5a G; tel. 564 9880)
 general questions, student’s card, written requests concerning studies, contact with the Dean

CNJO – Centrum Nauki Języków Obcych / Centre of Foreign Languages (room 203 G; tel. 564 9420)
 questions concerning classes of foreign languages

CWFiS – Centrum Wychowania Fizycznego i Sportu / Centre of Physical Education and Sport (room 046 G; tel. 564 9430)
 questions concerning PE classes (changing groups, sport camps)

DRE – Dział Rozwoju Edukacji / Education Development Centre (room 226 G; tel. 564 9722)
 online trainings

CPM – Centrum Programów Międzynarodowych / International Centre (room 13 A; tel. 564 9213)
 exchange programmes

DOD – Dział Organizacji Dydaktyki / Educational Support (room 37 G; tel. 564 9210)
 obligatory internships, syllabi of courses

ZWRI – Zespół Wsparcia Rozwiązań Informatycznych / IT support (room 7A B; tel. 564 97 42)

 passwords, VDO account, e-mail account

WD / VDO – Wirtualny Dziekanat / Virtual Dean’s Office

The Virtual Dean’s Office is a tool enabling students to:

  • choose courses,
  • follow the obtained grades,
  • control the course of studies,
  • check the fee balance,
  • have insight into the didactic offer in the Guide

A special place within the system of the Virtual Dean’s Office is taken by semester course selection declarations. Every semester SGH students have the right and duty to choose courses in accordance with their study programme and on the basis of the SGH Didactic Offer which is in effect in a given academic year.
Twice a year there is a two-stage process of semester declaration submission. In the first stage students declare the courses and lecturers they would like to be taught by in the next semester. The declarations are the basis for the Dean’s Office to launch courses.
In the second stage there is a final selection of courses, lecturers and groups in the subsequent semester. Both stages are compulsory for students. The deadlines are displayed on the notice board outside the Dean’s Office and on the Virtual Dean’s Office website.


Rektor/Rector – dr hab. Marek Rocki, prof. SGH
Prorektor ds. dydaktyki i studentów/Vice Rector for Teaching and Student Affairs – dr hab. Krzysztof Kozłowski, prof. SGH
Dziekan Studium Licencjackiego/Dean of Undergraduate Office - dr hab. Bartosz Witkowski, prof. SGH
Prodziekan/Vice Dean – ​dr hab. Mariusz Próchniak, prof. SGH
Kierownik Studium Licencjackiego/Head of Undergraduate Dean’s Office – mgr Anna Rek
Opiekun kierunku GBFG / GBFG faculty supervisor - ​dr hab. Ewa Baranowska-Prokop, prof. SGH 
Opiekun kierunku IE / IE faculty supervisor - dr Małgorzata Znoykowicz-Wierzbicka 
Opiekun kierunku QMEIS / QMEIS faculty supervisor - dr hab. Bartosz Witkowski, prof. SGH
Opiekun kierunku Management / Management faculty supervisor - prof. dr hab. Krystyna Poznańska

For more information about contacts visit the Address Book (Książka Adresowa) on our website.

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