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 Scope of office responsibilities


The Admissions Office is responsible for all tasks related to the preparation and execution of the admissions process for first and second cycle studies.

Main tasks of Admissions office include:

1. Implementing the admissions process to first and second-cycle studies for Polish citizens and international applicants, including:

a) managing the registration system for applicants,
b) testing and approving solutions in the registration system in terms of their compliance with the procedures and terms of admission to studies,
c) organizing an information point on admissions, developing tasks and rules of its operation (supervision and control),
d) verification of applicants' data provided in the registration system, 
e) providing information service for applicants: in person, by telephone or e-mail,
f) receiving documents, preparing, and verifying the contents of document files of applicants admitted to studies,
g) creating student files, labelled with a student number, containing documents submitted by applicants admitted to studies and formally transferring them to the appropriate dean's office, exchanging information with dean's offices relevant to the admissions process and servicing applicants for studies, 
h) transferring data from the registration system to student management information systems,
i) providing administrative support for the University Admissions Committee as well as the Rector with respect to the appeal procedure,
j) managing the return and archiving of documents submitted by persons not admitted to studies, including those filed under the appeal procedure.

2. Establishing cooperation with recruitment organizations operating on foreign markets, including drafting of agreements concerning the principles of such cooperation.

3. Presenting figures and analyses regarding the admissions.

4. Performing analyses relevant to the admissions process.

5. Submitting recommendations to the University authorities regarding the admissions model and the rules of admission to studies.

6. Formulating proposals to the University authorities concerning the amount of the application fees, fees for tuition-based studies and presenting opinions on admissions limits for particular cycles and forms of study.

7. Undertaking other activities in a manner approved by the University authorities to ensure a high standard of admissions.

8. Informing the University authorities about the phenomena observed in SGH’s external environment, the behaviour of applicants, their attitudes towards the University, as well as problems they report relevant to the development of educational programmes.

9. Reporting data concerning applicants for studies and preparing statistical reports about the admission processes.