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 Take a scholarship - for developement

This project was carried out under the Human Capital Programme (Priority VIII. Regional human resources for the economy, Sub-measure 8.2.1 Support to cooperation of scientific environment and enterprises – call for proposals projects).
The project was aimed at improving efficiency of at least 15 full-time doctoral students in terms of their scientific research and teaching skills in the period of 2010-2013.
The major tool to accomplish such an ambitious plan was an attractive scholarship of PLN 4,000 per month that was granted to the doctoral students for the period of one or two academic year(s).
The criteria for being granted the scholarship were as follows:
  • passing grades received for the courses completed during an obligatory doctoral programme;
  • progress in preparing the doctoral dissertation;
  • involvement in scientific research (e.g. the number of academic papers released, participation in research projects);
  • involvement in teaching and different tasks performed at the Warsaw School of Economics.

All the requirements of applying for and participating in this scholarship project were defined in “the scholarship rules”.

The assessment of doctoral students applying for the scholarship as well as the assessment of results achieved by scholarship holders was made, on a regular basis, by a so-called „Scholarship Commission”. The members of the Commission were:

  • Professor Marek BRYX, Vice-Rector for Management (previously: Vice-Rector for Development) – as the Chairman;
  • 5 Professors who represented their respective Collegia;
  • A representative of the local government of  the Mazovia region.

The most important outcomes of the project:

  • The group of 22 doctoral students were the project’s scholarship holders;
  • 16 out of 22 scholarship holders made a significant progress in preparing their doctoral dissertation;
  • 17 out of 22 scholarship holders succeeded in mastering their teaching skills;
  • The scholarship holders released 73 academic papers in total;
  • The scholarship holders were involved in 47 scientific research projects.

 The duration of the project: 01.02.2010 – 30.04.2013

 The project management team:

  • Dr hab. Krystyna POZNAŃSKA, the University Professor  – the Head of the project;
  • Dr Kamil KRAJ – the Secretary of the project;
  • MA Maciej IWANICKI – the Specialist in settlement & monitoring.