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 Equal treatment as a standard of good governance




The project was implemented under Priority V: Good Governance, Measure 5.1. Strengthening the capacity of government, Sub-measure 5.1.1. Modernization of the management systems and improvement of human resources development, Human Capital Operational Programme.
The project leader were: The Chancellery of the Prime Minister and The Office of the Government Plenipotentiary for Equal Treatment. The partners were: Jagiellonian University and the Warsaw School of Economics.
The project was implemented from 1st December 2012 to 30th June 2013.
The aim of the project was to prepare the government to create anti-discrimination legislation and to monitor its compliance, to implement the state policy with regard to the principle of equality and to make it a standard of good governance.


Tasks of the SGH:

Warsaw School of Economics - as one of the two partners in the project - was responsible for conducting questionnaire surveys in all ministries in Poland and in the Chancellery of the Prime Minister. The aim of the surveys was to identify whether the principle of equal treatment of employees in the dimension of gender, age, disability, sexual orientation, nationality is implemented in the government administration in Poland. In particular, the following tasks have been completed:
  • Development of research tools and test method; 
  • Development of counting algorithm of Gender Index and  Diversity Index in order to assess the policy of equality; 
  • For each ministry the individual assessment report of equality and diversity policy was developed;
  • Development of the ranking of ministries in terms of Diversity Index; 
  • The final report of the study in the form of published books Diversity policy in Central Administration of Poland, (ed.) Ewa Lisowska, Warsaw School of Economics, Warsaw 2012 (the book is available at http ://

Expert group:

  • Małgorzata FUSZARA, prof. , Warsaw University
  • Małgorzata DURSKA, Ph.D., Warsaw University 
  • Renata SIEMIEŃSKA-ŻOCHOWSKA, prof., Warsaw University 
  • Irena E. KOTOWSKA, prof., Warsaw School of Economics 
  • Anita ABRAMOWSKA-KMON, Ph.D., Warsaw School of Economics  
  • Magdalena MUSZYŃSKA, Ph.D., Warsaw School of Economics 
  • Ewa LISOWSKA, Ph.D., Warsaw School of Economics

Project team:

  • Ewa LISOWSKA – Project Manager
  • Małgorzata JASTRZĘBSKA – Project administrator