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 Professional office worker – modern administration

 The series of trainings improving competences of office workers – the employees of Bełchatów Town Hall with the use of modern educational methods
The project has been carried out within the Human Capital Programme – Priority V Good governance, Measure 5.2 Strengthening potential of local government administration, Sub-measure 5.2.1 Modernisation of management in local administration.
The overall aim of the project was the improvement in quality of the service and the increase of effectiveness of client service through the improvement of competences of office workers employed in Bełchatów Town Hall.
Specific aims of the project were as follows:
  • the enrichment of knowledge and the increase of qualifications of employees with the use of traditional and innovative methods of teaching;
  • the improvement of organization in the Town Hall, creation of ethical attitudes, gaining practical skills which enhance effectiveness of tasks;
  • the gaining of ability of using in the future information and communication methods indispensable for an effective functioning in the information society.
173 employees of Bełchatów Town Hall have been trained during the project.
Hard deliverables of the project are as follows:
  • 594 certificates confirming participation in in-house trainings in relation to 460 assumed (growth of 29%);
  • 1141 certificates confirming participation in blended-learning trainings in relation to 1015 assumed (growth of 12%);
  • 32 certificates confirming participation in language courses in relation to 29 assumed (growth of 10%). 
Soft deliverables of the project are as follows:
  • the growth of trust to public authorities from 4,42 to 4,52;
  • the growth of qualifications of Bełchatów Town Hall employees in accuracy of creating legal acts from 99% to 100%;
  • the growth of qualifications of Bełchatów Town Hall employees measured by the decrease in the number of appeals from 2,2% to 1,2%;
  • the increase of competence in carrying out strategic tasks from 58% to 93%;
  • the growth of job satisfaction from 3,78 to 3,99.
Partnership: The project was carried out in partnership with the City Bełchatów as the Project Leader and Warsaw School of Economics as the Project Partner.
Project team: MSc Marcin DĄBROWSKI – Plenipotentiary of Rector, Centre for Development of Distance and Permanent Education
Duration of the project: 1 October 2008 – 31 December 2010
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