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 Innovative WSE = knowledge + experience

The project was implemented within the Operational Programme Human Capital – IV Priority „Higher Education”, Action 4.1. Strengthening and development of didactic potential of universities and increasing the number of graduates in critical fields of knowledge-based economy, Sub-action 4.1.1 Strengthening of didactic potential of the university.
The project was implemented between 2009 and 2013.
The main goal of this project was to improve the quality of education with a heavy emphasis on the practical aspects. It was meant to be accomplished by:
  • Modification of programs and the method of education in: management, quantitative methods in economics and information systems, economics courses;
  • Easier to grasp content of quantitative subjects;
  • Increasing the use of practical elements during education process;
  • Increased awareness of people leading the didactic classes about case studying and its alternative or complementing function to the traditional methods of teaching;
  • Better communication between the students and the job market;
  • Preparing the alumnus to enter the job market;
  • Introducing appropriate measures to help the physically disabled.
Realization of the project
A bank of case studies has been made available to students and teachers alike to help advance the project. It currently composes of 360 hours’ worth of didactic material mainly for basic courses, but also for management courses, economics and quantitative methods in economics and information systems.
The purpose was to promote the practical aspects in didactic method.
In the project's duration, the students of Warsaw School of Economics (WSE) were able to attend math courses meant to balance their education opportunities and familiarize them with content of quantitative subjects. Over a thousand people took part of these courses and their mathematical skills have increased over 55% as a result.
In order to further prepare the alumnus for the job market, workshops were organized to help nearly two hundred people cope in the work environment mentally. Participants of these workshops could learn social and practical skills required by future employers. Moreover, three-month paid internships were arranged to help the participants gain such important abilities. Many of them had the rare opportunity to work on interesting projects in renowned companies. 1455 students were interested in being interned. 557 establishments made 933 internship programs available. A large part of the interns was offered a job after their internships had ended.
The next step was expanding the online service "Career". It was to include job offers and internships; curriculum vitae generator; online psychological tests; job market predictions; career path planner and general advice.
Employees of the WSE and didactic teachers were among the beneficiaries of this project. 136 academic teachers took part in the workshops meant to help with case studies, strategy of analysis and writing appropriate reports.
The project included making the place more accessible to people with physical disabilities. A ramp, automatic doors and two platforms have been installed outside main building “G” for this reason. As for internal structure, the doors have been marked to provide ease of use for the visually impaired and one of the toilets is now ready to meet the needs of physically challenged. People with weak vision were also thought of when expanding the "Career" online service. As a supplement, a training meant to establish a proper attitude towards the disabled was attended by 120 WSE employees.
All goals of the project have been reached and a summarizing conference took place on 23rd of October 2013.