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 New Specialisation


The aim of the Project „Eco-innovations in cities” is to prepare a new programme in the area of green and socially responsible innovations in cities regeneration to create a one-year program (specialisation) entitled „Eco-innovations in the urban regeneration projects” including the following subjects:

  1. Eco-cities (238621-1169)
  2. Green Urban Regeneration Projects (238641-0044)
  3. Green Project Funding (238631-7281) 
  4. Making the 21st Century Cities (234941-0206)
  5. New Models of Urban Entrepreneurship (234951-0637)
  6. Planning and Mananement in Eco-cities (234961-0330)

Enrolment is opened only to 23 May, 2015 (room no.12 Main Building). Blended learning is used in all the six courses that will consist of 15 hours on-line and three five-hour workshops conducted on following weekends: 26-27 September, 10-11 October, 24-25 October, 14-15 November, 28-29 November and 12-13 December (exams).