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 About Courses

New courses will become a part of one-year program (specialisation) available for MA students. It was inspired by the EU strategy entitled „Europe 2020”, in which sustainable development, responsible investment and green property solutions, especially regarding the existing building stock are the focal points. In cooperation with universities from the EU and the USA research teams will prepare the following subjects: 
  • Eco-cities including topics regarding Europe 2020 strategy and UN programs on green urban strategies; models of 21st century cities; challenges for contemporary cities including economic; green technologies in cities; green buildings and ecological footprint.

  • Green urban regeneration projects offering students extended knowledge about criteria and methods of delimitation of deprived areas; significance of brown fields and green fields in the city space; sources of finance.

  • Green project funding focused on types of eco-innovation financing; government grants and subsidies public grants and R&D funding; public-private partnership; private financing of eco-innovative projects; green REITS.

  • Planning and management in Eco-cities presenting strategies for city development and a significance of ecological advantages Legal and economic basis for the functioning of cities; decision-making process in urban design and its conditions; transport management

  • New models of urban entrepreneurship focused on the links between entrepreneurship and urban policy; identification of innovative instruments and approaches to promote urban entrepreneurship; tools and strategies aimed at developing urban entrepreneurship.

  • Making the 21st century cities aiming to exercise in a form of a project assignment and collaborative workshops knowledge regarding eco-city planning and management. Teams working on selected cases will play roles of city managers or stakeholders influenced by their decisions and will face “a real-life problems” to solve and to develop innovative ideas for implementation.