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 About Project


„Eco-innovations in Cities” is a 2.5-year Project commissioned by the Polish National Center for Research and Development (No. POKL POKL.04.03.00-00-249/12) within the frames of the European Union grant to Warsaw School of Economics (Szkoła Główna Handlowa w Warszawie, SGH).

Its aim is to prepare and conduct six courses in the area of green and socially responsible innovations in cities regeneration.

The main objective of this new specialisation is to enhance students’ knowledge about eco-cities and give them sufficient information and discuss case studies on the subject – how these cities should planned, developed and managed. It will be achieved by:

  • Developing course in the blended-learning system with up to date case studies about green/sustainable urban projects focused not only on buildings, but also on transportation, society and other issues concerning temporary cities;
  • Organising a one-month apprenticeship for all MA students taking part in the Project in companies and organisations active in the field of eco-innovations in Poland and offering 10% of the best students internships in academic research units across the EU.​

The project was designed by professor Marek Bryx and doctor Dominika Brodowicz.

Msc Alina Modrzejewska-Kołakowska (​ – Project Manager 

Professor Anna Szelągowska (​ – Project Methodological Coordinator​