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 Costs of inaction



„Costs of inaction - implementation of innovative solutions in the area of cost analysis of foregone supportive and motivating measures of social policy in Masovian voivodeship”  is an innovative project, implemented within the framework of Human Capital Operational Programme, Priority VII Promoting of social integration.

Project Leader:
Masovian Social Policy Centre
  • Warsaw School of Economics
  • „Radom Centre for Entrepreneurship” Association
Project Objective

The main project objective is to create conditions, for all local government units of Masovian voivodship, for increasing the efficiency and consistency of social policy before end of 2014. This will be achieved through developing and testing in 25 municipalities an innovative model of pursuing an active social policy.

The expected target state is an applicative model available to all local governments of Masovian voivodship. The model will allow local government units to transform from intervening social policy to activating and integrating social policy.


Project’s users:

  • heads of local governmental units;
  • representatives of the Social Welfare Centres, District Centres of Family Assistance;
  • representatives of police, labor offices, schools, NGOs and religious organizations;
  • actors involved in the implementation of social policy in the Masovian voivodship and in other voivodships.

Project’s beneficiaries:

  • local communities;
  • people who are socially excluded or at the risk of social exclusion, supported by public and non-public institutions of social assistance and integration.
The final product: The main product of the project is Masovian model of pursuing an active social policy „Cost of inaction” based on the six tools:
  • Social Calculator - a tool available to estimate the cost of inaction, for 10 social problems (unemployment, poverty, homelessness, addiction, disability, long-term and serious illness, helplessness in child care and child nurture, orphanhood, difficulties in adjusting to life after releasing from prison, difficulties in the integration of foreigners) .
  • Diffuser of Social Innovation - knowledge management system on innovative social programs implemented in the local communities and municipalities, aimed at solving the abovementioned 10 social problems.
  • Catalogue of Social Innovation - a collection of innovative social programs, selected as effective in solving the abovementioned 10 social problems, recommended as executive programs for local government units Strategies of Social Problems Solving.
  • Network of Social Innovation Leaders - a network of entertainers who know the problems of the exact local community and who support the implementation of active social policy  from the „inside” of the community.
  • Strategy of Social Problem Solving -  a tool that describes how to create and how to implement Strategy of Social Problem Solving.
  • Training system - an educational program for the introduction of a new method of conducting the practice of active social policy based on the model „Costs of  inaction”.
Results of the Project:
  • access to tools useful for pursuing an active social policy (Strategy of Social Problems Solving  Generator, Social Calculator, Diffuser of Social Innovation);
  • 25 of the updated Strategies of Social Problems Solving in the local government units in Masovian voivodship;
  • increase in the number of local governments units by 25 transferring the implementation of some social services to others entities;
  • dissemination of knowledge about the „Costs of  inaction” model among decision-makers and implementers of social policy in the local government units of the Masovian voivodship, representatives of other voivodships and the central institutions. The tools for the dissemination are: training, consulting, e- learning platform, seminars, conferences, study visits;
  • creating Network of Social Innovation Leaders that will the abilities to use „Costs of  inaction” model tools to prepare and implement effective activity projects.
Project duration: August 2012 - December 2014
Project team: 
  • Paweł Kubicki, Ph.D.  - project coordinator from the Warsaw School of Economics
  • Piotr Błędowski, Professor - principal investigator

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