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 BDDP with Kyungpook National University


​The agreement on the establishment of the Bachelor Double Diploma Programme between Warsaw School of Economics (SGH) and Kyungpook National University (KNU) has been initially signed in 2014.

After 3 years of suspension the programme will start its operation from a.y. 2017/2018 allowing for mobilities from 2018/2019.

SGH and KNU will grant a Bachelor’s degree to students registered in their Bachelor’s programs, respectively:

​International Economics Economics & International Trade
Global Business, Finance and Governance
Globalny biznes, finanse i zarządzanie (governance)​




 BDDP Partner


Kyungpook National University is a national university representing Daegu Metropolitan City and Gyeongbuk Province in South Korea .

It is located in the Daegu Metropolitan City, which is the capital city of the Gyeongbuk Province, South Korea. Kyungpook National University was founded on September, 1946 by upgrading the Colleges of Education, Medicine and Agriculture in Daegu to the National College.

In October, 1951, Colleges of Education, Medicine, Agriculture, Liberal Arts and Sciences, Law and Political Sciences combined into Kyungpook National University. Other departments including Engineering and Dentistry were established sequentially to create what is now known as Kyungpook National University.


 Programme structure


​The intended period of study for the double degree programme shall be four years (6 semesters for SGH DD students and 8 semesters for KNU DD students). Double degree students from SGH will spend their third year at KNU, double degree students from KNU will spend third year at SGH. Full information should be provided to the host institution on the courses that the participants have taken at their home institution and vice versa.

Double degree students shall have access to courses and enjoy the same rights and privileges and be subject to the same rules and regulations as the regular Bachelor students in the corresponding Bachelor study track of the host institution.

In addition, students admitted for the double degree programme shall complete the modules offered at SGH and KNU following the schemes laid out in the Annexes for students majoring in:

  • “International Economics”

  • "Global Business, Finance and Governance"

  • "Globalny biznes, finanse i zarządzanie (Governance)"

at SGH and majoring in “Economics & International Trade” at KNU. Any changes to the plan of study shall be updated in the annexes to the agreement.

The language of study for this double degree programme will be English, however, students at KNU can also choose courses offered in Korean language.

Any deviations from the study structure as stated in the agreement shall be approved jointly by the partner institutions by mutual written agreement on an individual case-by-case basis.

When possible, the host institution will make effort to secure a short (minimum 3 weeks) internship opportunity for the double degree students.


 Study programme


 Bachelor thesis


​In addition to the mandatory coursework at both institutions, as set forth in the agreement, the double degree student is required to write a Bachelor Thesis at SGH which is worth 10 ECTS. 

The partner institutions assure the legal and organisational pre-conditions required for enabling the double degree students to start with the Bachelor Thesis in their third year of studies.

The Bachelor Thesis shall be supervised by one supervisor and marked (graded) by a reviewer. 

The language of the Bachelor Thesis is English. 

Part of the completion of the Bachelor Thesis is a defence of the thesis. The defence will be conducted in English. The management process of the preparation of the Bachelor Thesis should meet all the legal and academic constraints of SGH.


 Key Dates





 Selection and documents


Documents required from the SGH candidates to double diploma include (all documents should be prepared in English) – to be published before the selection:

  • Application form (filled in on computer) – please choose from drop-down lists relevant options concerning majors at SGH, language proficiency, and additional certificates [if applicable]

  • Motivation letter addressed to Selection Commission to double degree programme between Kyungpook National University and Warsaw School of Economics (in English, max. 1 page)

  • CV of the Applicant in the Europass format

  • Copy of the secondary school diploma

  • Official transcript of records (in English)

  • Document certifying fluency in English on min. B2 level

  • First draft of the study programme (preferred field of study/study path, list of academic interests, electives, etc.)




Contact person at KNU:

Ms. Heejoung WOO
email: knuglobal[@]

Academic tutor at SGH:

email: piotr.maszczyk[@]