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 Bachelor Double Diploma Programmes

Double diploma programmes on undergraduate (bachelor) levels are offered only to students of full-time studies within below listed majors:

​​Partner University (Country)
​Year @ Partner University
​Major at SGH
Application when?​ ​ Selection 2022 ​
​Finanse i rachunkowość (Finance and Accounting) [PL] Global Business, Finance and Governance [EN & PL]​ ​International Economics [EN] 
Zarządzanie [PL]
​​European University Viadrina (Germany) ​3rd ​X ​X ​X ​before 2nd year of studies
until 20.05.2022​
​​Kyungpook National University (South Korea) ​3rd ​X ​X ​before 2nd year of studies SELECTION CANCELLED IN 2022
​​Peking University, Guanghua School of Management (China) ​3rd + additional year at PKU
​X ​X ​X ​before 2nd year of studies until 20.05.2022​
​​Pforzheim University (Germany) ​3rd ​X ​X ​before 2nd year of studies until 20.05.2022​​
 [PL], [EN] describe the language of instruction of the degree programme within which the double degree is offered. The language of DD is however described in the agreement of each programme.