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​SGH students are able to conduct internships in Poland and abroad in line with WARSAW SCHOOL OF ECONOMICS STUDENT INTERNSHIP RULES & REGULATIONS.

More about internships at SGH you can find at:

for Bachelor Students

for Master Students


Internships counducted abroad are eligible for funding from Erasmus+ KA103 programme in line with the following rules and regulations:   

Selection Rules and Regulations for Student Mobility of Placement (SMP) through ERASMUS+ programme, Action 1 – Higher Education (KA103), for the 2021/2022 academic year


ATTENTION! Students who wish to conduct an internship after their graduation must qualify for the programme prior to completing their studies (all duly signed application documents must be submitted to the International Centre not later than a month before their thesis defense).

Information on multiple mobilities in Erasmus+ programmes

Erasmus+ Student Charter

​Contact person in International Centre

Mgr inż. Marta TYMIŃSKA
tel. +48 22 564 72 38



    Finding a host institution is the student’s responsibility. 


          The following documents should be submitted no later than a month prior to commencement of the internship.

          The documents should be completed electronically and – in case of files longer than one page - printed double-sided.

  • LEARNING AGREEMENT FOR TRAINEESHIPS (it has to be filled out electronically and printed double-sided) - signed by employer (signature & seal) and by the student
  • annex 1
  • annex 2
  • ISCED codes for majors offered at SGH

  • PLACEMENT AGREEMENT (it has to be filled out electronically and printed double-sided) - signed by employer (signature & seal) and by the student
  • EXCHANGE REQUEST it has to be filled out electronically and printed double-sided - signed by student

  • STATEMENT regarding participation in previous mobility programmes

  • LANGUAGE CERTIFICATE (at least B2 level) – language fluency must be corroborated by a commercial certificate, completion of studies at high-school or University level in a foreign language (same as the working language of the internship or of the host institution), SGH Foreign Language Office (CNJO) competence test or attestation of having completed a language course at B2 level or higher.

  • OLS test completed before the mobility
  • Copy of European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)

  • Personal Accident and Liability Insurance (NNW and OC)* – provided by SGH for 4 weeks for Finance and Accounting students and for 3 weeks for students from other fields of study (the insurance is offered only for the first internship at each study cycle); students are obliged to purchase their own insurance for the remaining period of their internship mobility. Copy of the insurance must be submitted along with all other application documents

* ATTENTION! SGH graduates are not eligible for personal accident and liability insurance from SGH for Erasmus+ internships. SGH graduates are obliged to purchase their own insurance and submit a copy to the International Centre along with the other mobility documents.

Personal liability insurance must include potential damage caused by the participant at the institution where the internship is conducted.

  • ADDITIONAL DOCUMENT FOR SGH GRADUATES APPLYING FOR A SCHOLARSHIP – issued by the Dean’s Office to confirm successful thesis defense (this is the only application document to be submitted after the thesis defense!)
The maximum period of the internship for which the student may apply for funding is 6 months, with the minimum period lasting two full months (60 days). Therefore, all documents including the financial contract, the Learning Agreement for traineeships, Confirmation form of accepting the student and the exchange request should bear the same dates confirming the scholarship period (for internship lasting a minimum of 2 months and a maximum of 6 months).



Online Linguistic Support (OLS) is obligatory for student mobilities. Language competence test and courses are currently available for the following languages:BG CS DA DE EL EN ES FI FR HR HU IT NL PL PT RO SK SV 

Prior to the mobility each student studying or conducting an internship abroad is obliged to complete an online language course for the language which will be used in the course of the studies/internship.

SGH will award licenses for online language courses to selected mobility participants (interested in taking such a course, in line with their language needs). The course will be available online for the duration of the mobility period.

Before the mobility period ends, students who completed the first language test will receive a link to the second test. The link will only be valid for a few days. The test should be completed immediately. [Check the SPAM folder if you do not receive the link.]

On the basis of the test’s result the university may award the interested students with the licence for online language course. The course will be available during student’s mobility period.

ATTENTION – students whose result will be B1 or lower will receive such licence and will be obliged to take the online course (OLS system automatically award the licence).




FINANCIAL AGREEMENT (it will be prepared when the set of required documents will be submitted in IC and signed by Dean and Rector)

Information about grant rates for internschips abroad in the academic year 2021/2022: 

​Group 1:  Denmark, Finland,  Ireland, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Luxemburg, Norway, Sweden 620 EUR/month​​*
Group 2:​ ​​Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, France, Greece, Spain, Malta, the Netherlands, Germany, Portugal, Italy 600 EUR/month​​*
Grupa 3: Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, North Macedonia, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey 500 EUR/month​​​​*


*Students with adjucated level of disability may apply for additional fudning. Applications for additional funding will be submitted by mobility participants to the School’s Erasmus programme coordinator. Additionally awarded funding (exceeding rates from the table above) will be counted as actual costs and therefore needing supplementary financial documentation. Costs should be adjusted to actual needs pertaining to a given disability and frugal.

70% of the scholarship will be paid out before the mobility, with the remaining 30% transferred to the student upon completion of mobility-related formalities.