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​There is a possibility of extending student’s stay on scholarship, however certain criteria have to be met and not every case is eligible:

  • In the case of PIM and bilateral agreements a student has a maximum of (up to) 2 months from the start of classes for declaring his/her willingness to extend his/her stay at a receiving institution(partner university), provided that the receiving institution would agree to such an extension without losing SGH’s place in the following years (in terms of the balance of exchange)

  • In the case of the ERASMUS+ KA103 programme there will be NO possibility to extend your stay. A student who wishes to remain for the summer semester [Spring term] at the receiving institution is allowed to do so only as a Freemover student provided that both institutions agree on that.

  • In the case of ERASMUS+ KA107 programme the max. mobility is 1 semester therefore there is no possibility of extending the stay.

  • Students leaving as Freemovers shall obtain the consent of the receiving university to extend their stay; period for deciding on extension and for managing the entire process of extension is a maximum of two months from the start of classes at the receiving university.

  • Another condition is not to extend student’s stay for the next academic year, i.e. a student going for the summer semester cannot extend his/her stay at the university for the winter semester of the next academic year.

  • Of course, the declaration itself is not enough – a student shall provide consent for such an extension from the receiving university stating that there would be no need to lose the place of the next recruitment. It is also necessary to receive the permission from the Dean to extend the period of studying abroad for the next semester (please write an application with such a request). After obtaining the consent from the Dean a student will have to prepare the request for going abroad and the Learning Agreement for the next semester. The consent for the extension from Warsaw School of Economics will be of course conditional and subject to the completion of the first semester on the exchange.