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 Procedures on return


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All documents should be delivered to SGH International Center (room 17, "A" building) not later than 1 month after the end of stay on exchange (i.e. 1 month from the end date on the Letter of Confirmation or the end date of the first exam session).

Student should deliver all the required documents; after receiving the transcript of records International Centre will enter the grades on the course approval form.



  • Course approval form – applicable to all students (Erasmus, CEMS, PIM, bilateral agreements, free-movers)

  • Hard copy (original) of the Learning Agreement, signed by SGH and the host university + hard copy of the Changes to Learning Agreement form signed by the student and host university [in case of making changes during mobility]

  • Transcript of records – usually host universities send one directly to SGH

  • Course equivalent proposal form – signed by the authorised lecturer; please, submit it to the Dean's Office

  • original / hard copy of Letter of Confirmation (Erasmus+ KA103 / PO WER) or Certificate of Attendance (Erasmus+ KA107) – the dates on this document should be identical as the ones stated on the Letter of Acceptance. In this case, the amount of the scholarship will remain the same. This document should not be signed earlier than 5 days before the final date stated in the Letter of Confirmation

  • Report – only electronic version (pdf file – 3-5 pages) - please, send it by e-mail to the exchange program contact person. Please, remember, your report will appear at the International Centre website. If you do not wish to disclose your contact data, please, do not include them in the report.

  • Erasmus+ on-line survey to be completed at the European Commission website – you will receive a link to the survey by e-mail to SGH e-mail address. Please, note that the survey is complusory for Erasmus + students program

  • Online Linguistic Support (OLS) – please, expect an e-mail with the link to the final test. Test should be taken within 5 days from the date you receive it.