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 Departure procedures 2015/2016


This site is divided into following sections:

Documents in above sections are mandatory for all students leaving for study abroad period according to Rector's order no. 13 from 18.04.2008



​​​ ​​​
Documents winter semester / the whole academic year summer semester (start form January 2016)​ summer semester (start after January 2016)​​
Students​ request+ Learning Agreement + Letter of Acceptance  + Student Commitment​ 2.07.2015 ​26.11.2015 ​14.01.2016
Financial documents (just for Erasmus+ students)​ ​01-12.07.2015 ​​16-20.11.2015 ​ ​16-20.11.2015
​Copy of heatlh insurance and insurance against accidents ​at least 2 weeks before the start of the semester at the host university (it can be sent by email to Agata Kowalik or Agata Augustyniak)