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 Procedures before departure

​Here you will find information on the formalities necessary to legalize your exchange abroad.

 International Centre - pre-departure procedures


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Please, submit the following document to the International Centre:
  1. contact form - please, pick up the one dedicated for your exchange program
  2. Exchange request - please, fill it out electronically and print double-sided - 2 copies 
  3. Learning agreement - please, fill it out electronically and print double-sided - 2 copies
  4. Exchange student's commitment

 Dean's offices - pre-departure procedures


​​First, submit 2 copies of the Learning Agreement and 2 copies of Exchange request to your contact person at the International Office. 

When accepted and signed,  pick them up and submit to:

– Ms. Katarzyna Smolińska at the Dean's Office of the Undergraduate Studies,

– or Ms. Magda Szybiak at the Graduate Studies Dean's Office

When accepted and signed by the Dean, pick them up and make photocopies of the documents.

Next, submit a photocopy of the learning agreement and the orignal of the Exchange request to the International Centre.


 Online Linguistic Support (OLS)


​ Online Linguistic Support (OLS) is mandatory for students going on exchange or internship within Erasmus + program.

It referrs to students who are going to study abroad in one of the following languages:

  • English
  • French
  • Spain
  • Dutch
  • German
  • Italian.

There are other official EU languages planned to be added to the list above.

Before leaving for exchange, each student should take the on-line test.

You will receive the link to the test at your SGH e-mail address.

According to the test results, students will be assigned on-line language course to be taken during their mobility period.

By the end of the exchange, students will be e-mailed the link to the final language test.

The test will be open for several days only. So it is very important to take it immediately after you receive it.

Please, be aware that the message may come to your spam folder so it is advised to check this one, too.


 Documents to download


​​Presentation on procedures - meeting of May 20, 2015

Contact forms:

Exchange request

(to be filled out electronically and printed double-sided in 2 copies)

Learning Agreement ( LA)


for undegraduate students
for graduate students

Table E
Table F
•PIM, bilateral agreement, freemover:
for undergraduate students
for graduate students

Learning agreement should be filled out electronically and printed double-sided in 2 copies)

1.Annex 1 - guidelines for LA
2.Annex 2 - LA explanations
3.How to fill in the LA

commitment (zobowiazanie)

Letter of acceptance  [form for Erasmus + exchange students only]


ISCED codes for majors offered at SGH