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 Student exchange programmes


​SGH participates in several exchange programmes based on EU funding, university networking and bilateral agreements. Currently SGH offers over 500 slots at over 270 universities throughout the world. Student exchange is conducted through the following programmes:

  • Erasmus+ (with Programme [European] countries and with Partner [mostly overseas] countries)

  • PIM – Partnership in International Management (exchange at full-time MBA level)

  • Bilateral agreements with other universities that are neither Erasmus nor PIM members

  • Exchanges within other networks and schemes.

Detailed information about each of these programmes, along with their selection procedures, is available in the relevant sections of this webpage. For any further questions, please contact our staff.

ATTENTION – Before you choose the university, please find out also current news about security in chosen country. Such information is available for Polish citizens [only in Polish] on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and similar information should be available on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of your country of origin. You will also find there visa regulations applicable for citizens of your country


 Exchange and didactic programmes