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The person seeking nostrification or exemption from nostrification of academic degree obtained abroad, shall submit to the Teaching Department in Warsaw School of Economics an application with the following enclosures:

  1. The original of document certifying the obtaining of the academic degree abroad + the translation into the Polish by a sworn translator.

  2. A copy of high school diploma, matriculation diploma and university diploma on whose bases you gained university admission + translation into the Polish by sworn translator.

  3. Curriculum vitae in the Polish language. 

  4. A statement that the academic degree, whose nostrification is sought, has not been subject to nostrification measures taken at any organizational unit in the country.

  5. Legalization of diploma by the relevant diplomatic or consular mission, that the document is authentic + the translation of the document into the Polish language by a sworn translator.

  6. The supplementary documentation pertaining to the candidate’s studies (the student’s book, the marks sheet, the diploma of completion of studies, etc.) + the translation into the Polish language by a sworn translator.

  7. If diploma (point 1.) was issued by institution of education system from countries which are a part of Convention of Hague of 5th October 1961, one can submit the original diploma with apostille instead of legalization.