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During the first day of the Orientation Week you will be able to pick up your student ID.
In order to get your student ID card, you have to make a payment of 22 PLN. The money should be paid to your invidual bank account number, which can be found in your Virtual Dean's Office account (payment tab).
Student ID card is a sole proof of your student status in Poland and allows you to enter the campus and use library resources and sports facilities.
It entitles you also to 51% discount on public transportation, movie, theatre or museum tickets.

Lost student ID card
Steps to follow in case you have lost your student ID card:
  1. Write a letter which includes information about losing your student ID card as well as your request for a new card. Remember to sign the letter.
  2. Pay 33 PLN to your individual account number in VDO (payment title: "duplikat legitymacji [your student ID number]")
  3. Attach the payment confirmation to the letter
  4. Submit the hard copy letter to the relevant Dean's Office
  5. Pick up your new student ID from the Dean's Office within a few days

According to the regulations of the Ministry of Higher Education in Poland, students are obliged to return their student ID cards upon the end of their studies.