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Dear Partners and Friends,

Greetings from SGH Warsaw School of Economics!


We hope this email finds you & your families in good health!

Having in mind current worldwide developments and safety and well-being of our students and staff, SGH has decided to conduct all Fall semester courses in exclusively online mode for both Polish and international students.

With regard to the examination session, which depends on the assessment of the epidemiological situation, the decision whether it will be conducted on-site or online will be announced by December 31, 2020. However, during the very first class lecturers are obliged to present examination methods to be conducted in one and another case. Please be assured that our online teaching tools, successfully tested during the last semester, are hugely developed, and are constantly improving. We can assure you that your students will be able to undertake high-quality on-line education as well as valuable virtual engagement and academic and social interactions with the rest of SGH academic community.

Also, consultations/appointments for students are conducted by lecturers online once a week. As informed before, Orientation Week, which starts on the 23rd of September, will be conducted online as well. Students will receive a detailed schedule at the beginning of September. 


In addition, we would like to inform you about the current epidemic situation:
After lifting most of the restrictions, we are obliged to keep distance (1.5-2 m) and covering our mouth and nose with a mask or any kind of fabric (e.g. scarf) when entering buildings, shops, means of transportation, etc. We also have to 
use disinfectant liquids to clean hands on entryOutdoors, we are just obliged to keep distance, but we don’t have to use masks. All shops and restaurants are open (with limits on the number of guests), sports and cultural events (with certain limitations) are also organised. The self-quarantine, after arrival into Poland, is not mandatory as well.


However, due to the recent rise in infections both in Poland and globally, and the expected rise in seasonal infections of flu-like diseases in Fall and Winter, some of the restrictions (including quarantine) might be reintroduced locally or nationwide. We will keep you informed about changes in the regulations once they are announced.

Most recent updates on COVID-19 can be also found here:


Importantly, if you have students who have already resigned, but would like to rejoin us for an online mode, they’re more than welcome –please just drop us an email.


Should you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact SGH International Centre (


Stay safe and healthy!