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​​Dear Students, Partners and Friends,

Greetings from SGH Warsaw School of Economics!

We wish to update you on the organizational aspects pertaining to student exchange in the upcoming Fall Semester 2020.

Safety and security of both Polish and international students have always been our priority. Therefore, the COVID-19 pandemic has made SGH to introduce necessary modifications to the organization of courses offered by SGH.

Please, find below details on precautionary measures we are introducing in order to ensure the highest level of safety and protection to our students:

  1. courses offered at SGH will be organized in the on-campus in-class mode, with the strict safety measures and restrictions such as keeping safe distance during the courses, limited number of students in one classroom/lecture hall and strict sanitary regime (disinfection, protection masks, etc.);

  2. courses (lectures) with higher number of students enrolled will be held in on-line mode for all students;

  3. courses (lectures) with lower number of students enrolled, as well as seminars and tutorials will be held in class (distancing and sanitary restrictions will apply);

  4. in all cases when distancing regulations will be a challenge, students will be divided into smaller groups to ensure maximum safety;

  5. some on-line courses might be recorded and kept for limited number of days available to students.

Furthermore, additional measures will be introduced in the organization of students’ campus life, with the purpose to maximize students’ safety and to ensure a smooth and well-controlled transition from a lockdown period to a more open and safe functioning of our university and academic community:

  • Fall 2020 Orientation Week for International Students will be conducted exclusively online. Detailed information will be sent directly to students;

  • despite online Orientation Week, we strongly recommend the international students to arrive earlier to take a voluntary self-quarantine for at least 10 days before coming to the campus (please note that quarantine is not mandatory, however we believe that it would further minimize possible risks of virus transmission, and positively contribute to the safety and well-being of our entire academic community);

  • SGH buddy program will be in place to ensure international students all the necessary support in organization of the semester;

  • since student and staff community health and well-being are our priority, it is highly likely that we will not be able to accommodate your students in our dormitory in the Fall semester;

  • if students decide to buy a plane ticket, it is highly recommended to purchase a refundable option and travel insurance, which will cover cancellations due to COVID-19 (should the health situation change, students should be prepared for travel restrictions, mandatory quarantines, airline route cancellations during the semester);

  • students should be aware of cancelation conditions before signing housing contract;

  • for students who require a student visa: some Polish embassies and consulates might limit or suspend processing of visas due to the spread of COVID-19, hence the duration of the visa issue process could take longer than usual – we strongly recommend to apply for visa well in advance.

Regarding students’ questions about possibilities to postpone Fall mobilities to Spring semester 2021, we will do our best to accommodate requests we receive. However, any deferrals to Spring 2021 semester will have to be mutually agreed between our institutions.

Cancelations or requests for deferrals shall be reported to the respective incoming student officer at any time by the coordinator of sending institution (not by student directly).

Important final information:

  1. All our preparations and organizational plans for Fall semester are ultimately dependent on government policy pertaining to COVID-19 pandemic. In case of, hopefully unlikely, event that Polish government will introduce additional restrictions (i.e. suspend international cross-border traffic, suspend/limit functioning of public institutions, universities, etc.), SGH will have to adjust accordingly. We will inform you immediately of any changes if they occur.

  2. Should the pandemic situation worsen unexpectedly and require cancellation of physical learning during Fall semester, SGH will be able to offer all our Fall semester courses in on-line mode to both Polish and international students.

O​​ur remote teaching with the use of the newest technologies has been professionally developed and successfully tested during the last semester and it is constantly improving. We can assure you that, in case of necessity, your students will be able to continue high-quality on-line education as well as valuable virtual engagement and academic and social interactions with the rest of SGH academic community.

We stay grateful for your support and cooperation. We are convinced that through our strong partnerships, long-years’ cooperation and mutual understanding, we will overcome all the challenges of current world situation. Should you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact SGH International Centre.

We are looking very much forward to welcoming your students in the Fall!

Stay safe and healthy!